Bishopstoke independent and Independent Community Pharmacist columnist Sid Dajani featured in the Daily Mail this week (May 20) in its investigation into  the sale of “bogus” medicines through Google.

The article described how Google searches for such things as “weight loss pills for teenage girls” came up with a list of results where many entries had been paid for by advertisers. Critical comments by Dajani are printed in bold type under reports of the kind of product that might be revealed.

Under “sham memory loss pills” Dajani is quoted as saying: “There is no chance of these pills working in any way. It is crucial people seek professional medical advice from a pharmacist or GP and do not spend money on these sites, allowing their prognosis to get worse.”

Other products revealed by Google searches of which Dajani was critical were tonics for HIV patients, a herbal cancer “cure”, a supplement for hot flushes, a Mexican cancer clinic and an “anxiety relief” product.

Dajani is a member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s Assembly.

RPS England Board member Deborah Evans was also interviewed by Talk Radio this week on the dangers of "miracle cures" for weight loss.


Originally Published by Independent Pharmacist


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