Type 2 diabetes treatment


  • Type 2 diabetes treatment
  • Prevelance
  • Non-pharmacological treatments
  • Medication options
  • Medication options continued
  • First-line treatment
  • Second-line treatment
  • Third-line treatment
  • Alternative third-line triple therapies
  • Moving to insulin
  • Assessment questions
  • Action & Evaluation

Type 2 diabetes treatment

This module will help pharmacy technicians improve their understanding of the treatment pathways for type 2 diabetes.

Learning objectives

After reading this module, pharmacy technicians will be able to:  

  • Discuss the different ways type 2 diabetes is managed
  • Explain the non-pharmacological approaches and antidiabetic medicines that are involved in its management 
  • Identify ways they can support patients.

Contributing author: Louise Baglole, pharmacist consultant specialising in community pharmacy.

Originally Published by Training Matters