5 study tips I wish I had known as a fresher!

Starting university is a big life change, and despite the main purpose of it all is to study, it can become less of a priority when there are so many other things going on, read top 5 study tips written by Holly Hardstone, a third-year student at Bath

Top tips for first year pharmacy students.

Starting university can be daunting and starting a Pharmacy degree even more so. New people, a new subject and potentially a whole new city and life, can all seem overwhelming. Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do to make your first year easier…

New Beginnings, New Adventures.

Many people only have one New Year’s resolution every year, on the 1st of January. But we students have both the 1st of January and also the first day back at university to start afresh and set new goals- read Noors advice on how to make an adventure out of new beginnings. 

Top 10 things to do outside your pre-reg training.

Pre-registration training will take up most of any trainees time pre-reg Ana gives advice on things you can do outside pre-reg in order to meet new people, develop yourself and enjoy this year fully.


After reading this, I hope you will have learned a little bit more about what the European Pharmaceutical Students’ Association (EPSA) is, the amazing opportunities on offer to you as students and created a little bit of excitement about what your plans might be for the coming year.

Hints and Tips for Pre-reg interviews

As a fresh-faced young pre-reg, I can remember only too well preparing for interviews last year. Here are a few tips and things to look at in preparation. You don’t have to go overboard learning everything back to front, but a good general overview will really help. This is just a guide based off my interview experiences, both for pre-reg and otherwise, with a view to what you might encounter with the new recruitment system.

How To Ace Your Placement Interview

Securing those summer placements has to be one of the scariest struggles every pharmacy student finds themselves in, but with correct preparation for your application and interview, they are so easy to obtain.

How To Prepare For A Pharmacy Interview

With the recent change in hospital pre-registration placements, it has never been more important to get your interview preparation right to secure your preferred destination.

Interview tips

“Thank you for your recent application, unfortunately on this occasion, we won’t be taking your application further”, does this sound familiar to you? Wait no longer! Hopefully, with these few tips and personal experiences you can get that “Congratulations, we are delighted to confirm that your application has been successful”.

How To Ace A Job Interview

Congratulations! You have just been shortlisted for an interview from a pool of thousands of applicants. Here is your chance to lock in your job offer and impress the interviewer (well enough to get hired). Here are five tips on how to ace an interview

Future Pharmacist: Parkinson's Disease

Welcome to the latest Future Pharmacist: PDS Clinic.Future Pharmacist: PDS Clinic will cover a different area that will help you build on the knowledge that you have already gained from your undergraduate course. In this clinic, we are focussing on Parkinson’s Disease. After downloading the PDF and reading through the material, take time to reflect on what you’ve learnt and write a PDS entry to earn a point.

Student Development

In the ever-changing environment of the pharmacy world, standing out from your peers is more important than ever before. Here are some tips on improving yourself: professionally and personally.

Oriel Key Dates

Don’t forget to write these key dates down in your diary – or add them to your phone calendar!

Pre-Registration Applications via the new ORIEL system

Applying for your pre-registration placement has never been a less-than-daunting task. It’s an important time during which you decide which sector you want to complete your training in and where you will be working full-time over the next year. From 2017, ORIEL will be the online application portal system by which students apply for a pre-registration place in any hospital and some community pharmacies (check the ORIEL system for details as to which community employers have opted in). 

The Executive 2017/18

I’d like to say a personal hello to all of you, our members, my name is Regan English and I am the newly elected Publications Officer for 2017-2018. This new appointment means that I will be the face in your inbox, amongst other things, for the next year. I hope to keep up the good work of our previous Publications Officers whilst bringing about some new and exciting changes – watch this space!

5- Year Sandwich course – A Student Perspective

As a University of Bradford fourth year sandwich student, I have just completed my first round of pre-registration training for six months in community pharmacy. Throughout this period, I had come to the realisation that many students or pharmacists were unaware that this type of course even existed, or why!

Primary Care Pharmacy - Could It Be For You?

Should all pharmacists prescribe? Should pharmacists do all the prescribing? Is primary care the future for pharmacy? Is there a future where pharmacists will be working in out-of-hours centres?

Pharmacy Practice Research Around the World

On Wednesday the 15th of February (2017), Professor Derek Stewart, a former RGU student, delivered a professorial lecture which I attended. His lecture explored the University’s ‘Pharmacy Practice Research Around the World’ and how it has affected patients, organisations and other professionals alike. The three main programmes of research that Professor Stewart touched on were complementary and alternative medicines, medication in older people, and pharmacist prescribing.

Questions from the BPSA for RPS National Board Candidates

 As the official student organisation for the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, we asked each candidate the same two questions related specifically to their thoughts on undergraduate pharmacy students and pre-registration trainees. We have collated the responses, (not edited), that we have received and whilst students are unable to vote in the upcoming RPS elections, we hope that these responses will help to better inform our membership on the positions taken by those running for election to either the English Pharmacy Board, or Scottish Pharmacy Board.

Irresistible Resistance?

There is little doubt that the ability to cure infectious disease via relatively simple administration of tablets or injectables is something that has been taken for granted for a considerable time by those living in the richer economies.  Now we are told by the media that this period is over and that we are back in the pre-antibiotic era.  Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is mentioned in the same breath as international terrorism and climate change and those in charge are calling for decreased drug use, greater responsibility in prescription and even alternative approaches.
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Eastern Area Coordinator Co-option

An opportunity has arisen for a motivated pharmacy student to take on the role of Eastern Area Coordinator.

5 study tips I wish I had known as a fresher!

Starting university is a big life change, and despite the main purpose of it all is to study, it can become less of a pr...



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