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It’s that time of year again, where every pharmacy undergraduate and pre-registration pharmacist is waiting to get their hands on the hottest ticket of the year for the BPSA Annual Conference! From 13th – 20th April 2014, 200 lucky delegates will descend on De Montfort University, Leicester, for the BPSA’s flagship event of the year.

Annual Conference is a week-long event where delegates come from near and far - from the all over the UK, Europe and even Malaysia. During the day, you’ll need to put your pharmacy thinking caps on and be ready to take part in lively debates, grilling Q&A Panel guests and learning weird and wonderful things about the world of pharmacy, but during the evening you’ll be able to let your hair down and enjoy all the fun, food and music at the social events we have planned for you, with plenty of chances to bring out the fancy dress!! Our not-to-be-missed BPSA Day on Thursday 17th April will include talks and presentations on the future of pharmacy careers, and our excellent Medical Exhibition (MedEx), where you will have the chance to network with prospective employers and key faces within the profession.

We look forward to welcoming you and spending one of the best weeks ever!

Click here to contact BPSA Annual Conference Organisers, Shahd and Poppy.

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Package Information

As of 1st February ALL payments will now be non-refundable. This is due to the proximity to the Annual Conference booking deadline as cancellations now do not leave us sufficient time to re-fill places. Thanks for understanding and we look forward to seeing you at Annual Conference!

Package 1

This is our top of the range package and includes everything you need for your complete conference experience:

• 7 nights accommodation
• 7 nights of events, including the BPSA Annual Ball
• Breakfast, lunch and evening meal, including some drinks, for the duration of AC (evening meal on Sunday 13th April 2014 to evening meal on Saturday 19th April 2014 inclusive)
• All the daytime events you can shake a stick at, including BPSA Day and MedEx
• The opportunity to earn 2 Professional Development Points

Note: Unless you name two other delegates attending Annual Conference who you would like to share rooms with on your application form, delegates will be randomly allocated to single sex/gender rooms.


Package 2

This package is aimed at people who may have accommodation locally or prefer to find their own (i.e. DMU students – this is the package for you!). It gives you access to every day and evening event, with the added benefit of going home to your own bed after a long day of education, fun and frolics:

• 7 nights of events, including the BPSA Annual Ball
• Lunch and evening meal, including some drinks, for the duration of AC (evening meal on Sunday 13th April 2014 to evening meal on Saturday 19th April 2014 inclusive)
• All the daytime events you can shake a stick at, including BPSA Day and MedEx
• The opportunity to earn 2 Professional Development Points


Package 3

This is another package aimed at those who may have accommodation locally or prefer to find their own, and who aren’t quite ready to commit to the full conference experience. It allows access to all of the daytime events throughout the week, but none of the evening events are included. It is the perfect option if you want to get a great conference experience but have other commitments in the evenings:

• All the daytime events you can shake a stick at, including BPSA Day and MedEx
• Lunch for the duration of AC (Monday 14th to Saturday 19th April 2014 inclusive)
• The opportunity to earn 2 Professional Development Points



This bargain package gets you into the most unique day at Annual Conference - BPSA Day on Thursday 17th April, and includes:

• Entrance to BPSA Day and the morning presentations
• Entrance to MedEx
• Lunch
• The opportunity to earn 1 Professional Development Point
• Annual Conference T-Shirt and delegate bag


The Ball

If you are coming to Annual Conference with package 3 but don’t want to miss out on the spectacular end of conference ball, or you are only able to join us for one evening, you can buy your ticket separately! It includes:

• Entrance to the ball
• Three-course gala dinner (with wine)
• Awards ceremony
• The famous ‘Changeover Drinks’
• A jolly good end to a fabulous week

If you have any questions on any of the packages available, please contact our Annual Conference Organisers Shahd and Poppy by clicking here.


Due to the phenomenal demand, package 1 is not available for DMU students UNLESS you do not have accommodation locally or you are required to vacate your halls of residence during the Easter vacation period (more details can be found on the application form). We therefore recommend that DMU students apply for Package 2. Check your DMU e-mail and listen to rep shout-outs for more information. And thank you for your support and enthusiasm, it means so much to us that you’re all as excited as us that Annual Conference is coming to DMU!

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Already Paid your Deposit?

If you have paid your deposit but still need to pay the rest of your conference fee, click here to find out how to pay your balance ONLINE.

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Day Events

A week that is bound to inspire you!

From Monday 13th to Saturday 19th April, every day is packed full of educational and inspirational events.
The educational content of Annual Conference is accredited by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. This allows you to collect two Professional Development Points for the BPSA Professional Development Scheme: one PDP is available for BPSA Day and another for the rest of the week.
Click here to find out more about the BPSA Professional Development Scheme.

Conference Business is the perfect way for you to express your views and opinions by debating the issues that matter to you, in the form of a motion. Motions passed during conference business become BPSA policy for the next three years, and are used by the BPSA Executive to shape the progression of the BPSA and to ensure the student voice is listened to by the people and organisations that matter in the pharmacy profession. Click here to find out more about BPSA Policies.AC72 1

As well as conference business, the day events are packed full with a variety of talks, workshops and Q&A Panels covering topics including current and future issues in pharmacy, how to progress within the profession, and even the legal challenges that may face you during practice. Many of these sessions will cover topics outside of the normal MPharm degree programme (so something good to put on the CV and help you stand out from the crowd at interviews!!).

During the week, the current BPSA Executive will present their Annual Reports. These reports outline what the Executive have been working on since July and give you the opportunity to ask questions regarding their role and their recommendations for the future. There is also the opportunity for you to get involved in a number of committees and working groups that are set up at Annual Conference. The final day of Annual Conference sees the election of the new Executive, who will start their roles in the July.

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Conference Business

Debate the issues that matter to you!
This is one of the highlights of Annual Conference. It is where you, as a BPSA member, decide what you think the BPSA should stand for and the issues that you want the next BPSA Executive to champion.

During conference business we debate topics that you feel passionately about. Every delegate at Annual Conference will have their own stories, beliefs and experiences of pharmacy and this helps to shape the debates. Whether you’re a first year with little experience of pharmacy, or a pre-registration pharmacist nearing qualification, you can share your views and help mould what the BPSA fights for.

The aim is to put forward motions, which will be discussed, debated and voted on. Any motions that are passed will become BPSA policy for three years, which the elected BPSA Executive acts on.

So start thinking of what you’re passionate about and write those immortal words:

This Association Believes That...

And stamp your mark on the BPSA 72nd Annual Conference at DMU by making your voice heard!

If you're looking for something to inspire you, you should have a look at the current topics gracing the pages of the Pharmaceutical Journal and other pharmacy publications. If something has affected you during your pharmacy career or studies why not bring it up and see if anyone else shares your views.

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Talks and Presentations

AC72 3Education at Annual Conference 2014

During Annual Conference you will be treated to talks and presentations from some of the most eminent members of the pharmacy profession. The talks will explore the current issues that matter in the world of pharmacy, the current and future roles of the pharmacist and the future challenges and opportunities that we may face in our careers. There will also be a number of Question & Answer panels throughout the week. Guests who have sat on these panels in previous years have included Helen Gordon (Chief Executive of the RPS), Lisa Gilbert (pre-registration training facilitator at the GPhC), Rob Darracott (CEO of Phamacy Voice and Chair of the Company Chemists’ Association) and Mike Holden (Chief Executive of the National Pharmacy Association). We hope that these sessions will inspire you to take an active role in the profession, help prepare you to face any challenges with confidence and competence and equip you to make the most out of the opportunities that will be presented to you.


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Working in a group has never been so much fun!
During the week there will be numerous workshops to allow you to explore topics through group work and give you insight into untaught areas of pharmacy. These workshops will be led by experts within their field and are a great chance to learn through interactive scenarios while sharing your own experiences and beliefs. Previous workshops that have been run at Annual Conference have included sessions run by representatives of IPSF on international pharmacy and the extremely popular interactive PDA fitness to practice workshops.

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Executive Elections

AC72 5.1BPSA Annual Conference is also the time to elect the BPSA Executive for the upcoming year. As a delegate of Annual Conference it is you who will be voting on who you think is best for the job. Therefore, we have made available the BPSA regulations for each of the roles so you can get an idea of what each role on the BPSA Executive entails.

Click here to read the BPSA regulations for the roles of the Executive. 

If you think you have what it takes to be on the BPSA Executive, then we strongly recommend that you read the ‘So you want to be a BPSA Executive Member’ document which will give you an idea about what being a member of the Executive entails and what will be expected of you. Anyone thinking of running for the BPSA Executive should also contact the person currently doing the role in which they are interested, for a true insight into what the job involves. The Current BPSA Executive can be contacted via the contact us section of the BPSA website here.

Click here to read the 'So you want to be a BPSA Executive Member' document.

The procedures for running in the BPSA Elections at Annual Conference can be found below. You can also apply by post.

Click here to read the BPSA Election Regulations.


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Conference Committees

Get more involved during Annual Conference

During Annual Conference there are various committees that delegates can become involved in for the week. This is a chance for you to develop some new skills whilst doing something a bit different to everyone else. There are three main committees and below are explanations of each one involves.

The full guidance for each committee can be found in the Annual Conference booklet. No prior knowledge of the committees or the roles involved is required for any of the committees, as an Executive member will be there to help you along the way. All delegates have the chance to be involved from 1st year through to preregistration training. The committees are a great way to improve your communication skills and see the BPSA in a different light.

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The Steering Committee

The Steering Committee ensures that conference business runs smoothly and is in charge of organising the motions submitted by the members. This committee provides guidance on writing a motion, acts as an information source, and provides a balance in the types of motions put forward for debate.

There are three members of the committee each elected by Annual Conference delegates. Where possible, the Steering Committee should include one Executive member, one member with previous Annual Conference experience and one other member, usually without previous Annual Conference Experience.

All members of the Steering Committee need to be present in conference business at all times during the week. This is a good committee to be a part of, if you wish to be heavily involved with the debates.

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The Finance Audit Committee

The Finance Audit Committee reviews the Association's accounts and expenses, and makes recommendations for the BPSA to adhere to regarding its finances. This allows members to really see the inner workings of the BPSA and to help decide how you wish us to spend money in the best interests of the members.

The Finance Audit Committee is made up of three members, which include one HLM, one Executive member and one other conference delegate. Previous Annual Conference experience is not required.

The committee usually meets up on either Tuesday or Wednesday of Conference and gives a verbal report back to the conference - along with the Treasurer’s report.

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Honorary Life Membership (HLM) Committee

The HLM Committee receives and assesses nominations put forward to grant members Honorary Life Membership to the BPSA. Honorary Life Membership is a very treasured award and is someone who had gone ‘above and beyond’ the call of duty to better the Association. Sitting on this committee allows you to be a part of a very confidential and special process and announce to any lucky member their achievement.

There are three members of the committee, elected by Annual Conference delegates. Committee members include an existing HLM, an Executive member and a non-Executive member. Previous Annual Conference experience is not necessary.

HLM nominations can be received throughout the week and the committee will meet and assess these after the Medical Exhibition on the Thursday of conference.

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AC72 7AC72 6


All conference delegates who purchase Package 1 for the 72nd BPSA Annual Conference will be staying in three-person family rooms at the Leicester Central Travelodge Hotel. Delegates will have the option of choosing who they would like to share a room with, or as socialising and networking are key at AC, delegates can choose the option of sharing a room with other delegates who they have never met before (but who will become your BFFs after the week is over, believe us!).

The hotel is a short walk from the University and most of the evening venues, so you won’t have to worry about rushing to look fabulous for the evening events …
...Well most of the time.


Note: Unless you name two other delegates attending Annual Conference who you would like to share rooms with on your application form, delegates will be randomly allocated to single sex/gender rooms.







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BPSA Day17th April 2014

BPSA is a jam-packed event featuring:

• MedEx (Medical Exhibition)
• Talks
• Research Poster Award Final
• McNeil Responding to Symptoms Competition Final
• The chance to earn a Professional Development Point (PDP)

And much more!

Our BPSA Day theme is the Future of Pharmacy Careers where we hope to give you a taste of alternative career paths in the pharmacy profession. You'll be taking part in interesting talks and presentations given by pharmacists who work in areas such as law, sports and the government.


The BPSA Day includes our very own Medical Exhibition. This allows you as a student to network with the biggest names in pharmacy from the community and industry sectors, clinical and governing bodies and many more.

This is a great opportunity to ask questions to the people who might be marking your summer placement or pre-registration placement applications in the future! You can also learn about different associations, experiences and training that you can take part in as an undergraduate and the jobs available in the world of pharmacy after you graduate.

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After a long day’s work discussing and debating in Conference business we like to let our hair down with social events in the evening. These are a great way to network with your peers and special guests we invite from the Pharmacy world.

Keep up to date with our Facebook and Twitter to find out when more event details are announced. However, we would like to give you plenty of time to get your fancy dress costumes ready so here is a brief summary of the entertainment you will be enjoying!


Sunday 13th April

Welcome everyone! This is the first night of the week and the chance to show off your fancy dress and meet all the delegates. We will be meeting at De Montfort University Student’s Union on Level 1 for a buffet and some fun and games before the music starts.

Come dressed as your favourite characters from films such as Disney and Marvel or singers from Grease to Cats. Any movie characters welcome but you might want to save your sci-fi outfits for later on in the week…
*This night kicks off the Best Fancy Dress Award which will run throughout the week so be prepared and coming as an “extra” will not be allowed!*

Monday 14th April


Time to don a Stetson and grab a partner for some good old fashioned line dancing. This evening it’s all about the denim and checked shirts, pigtails and leather boots galore!
After your first day of conference business, we will be having a night celebrating Leicester School of Pharmacy. Before we sit down to a lovely meal in a restaurant in town we will be having a scavenger hunt on campus and in the city. More Details to follow – keep updated on Facebook and right here!

Tuesday 15th April

That’s right – it’s BUSINESS TIME! This means full Apprentice style gear. Men in suits please and women in suits/skirts/smart dresses.

Tonight we will be arriving at the City Rooms for a drinks reception and the announcement of the Reckitt Benckiser Student of the Year Award recipient. Afterwards we will be enjoying a three course dinner followed by a dance until the early hours.

Wednesday 16th April

The much anticipated and highly enjoyable annual curry night is here! We will be celebrating in style with traditional dress and smart/casual dress.

This is a great night to wind down, catch up with your new friends over a tikka masala and show off your bhangra dancing skills!

Thursday 17th April

Come in whatever is comfy – within reason! PJs, onesies, tracksuits and dressing gowns are all good.

Tonight is our shiny new night! The lovely people at Boots think we need a rest after a long week at conference so we are going to lay on sofas and bean bags in our PJs and be pampered. If that doesn’t appeal to you then you can just chill out and have a quiet drink.

Friday 18th April

For all you Whovians and wannabe Obi-Wans we have the perfect night for you!

Please show your enthusiasm by coming as a character from any sci-fi show/film/franchise you can think of.
Not only will we look great, we will be in the perfect location! Our host for the night is the National Space Centre. We will have full access to the galleries and exhibitions as well as some great food followed by dancing. This will definitely be a night to remember!

Saturday 19th April


The 72nd BPSA Annual Ball



This is the favourite event of many BPSA oldies and is the final night of the conference. We have certainly saved the best ‘til last!
This year’s Ball will be held at the Mercure Leicester Grand Hotel, one of the oldest hotels in Leicester.

Click here to go to The Mercure Website.

This evening celebrates the next executive being elected, the highlight being the traditional changeover drinks for the president and the new president-elect.
We will end the week with a three course meal and bucks fizz, and of course more dancing!

We also have a few surprises thrown in so keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter to be kept up to date.

If you are not coming to Annual Conference but would like to buy a Ball Ticket then click here.

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