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Every year the BPSA hold two rounds of Area Conferences. Each area holds the first in autumn and the second in spring. If you are looking to get more involved with the BPSA, then attending one of these conferences would be a great first step.

What happens during the conference? 

Conferences are one day long and usually held on a Saturday. Lectures, workshops and debates make these days action packed. The topics usually explore clinical areas that you may not cover in your course and are focussed on applying clinical knowledge to practice. 

Do I have to go to an area conference in my area? 

You can go to any conference, you don't have to go to the one being held in your area. However, if you do attend your area's conference you are likely to meet other pharmacy students local to you, and one of the most exciting parts of the day is meeting like minded people. 

What about lunch?

It's included.. and it's free!

Where can I get a ticket?

Just scroll down and see what exciting days are on offer at the moment. 

Northern Area Spring Conference

Being a Pharmacy student involves a lot of uncertainties, whether it’s trying to figure out which sector you feel best suited in or the uncertainty of where you may work after qualifying.

Aside from personal choices, pharmacy itself is an ever changing profession.
Have you ever thought about the historic development of pharmacy due to changes in government legislation?
Ever pondered over the radical differences between the pharmacists of today compared to those back in the Victorian era?
What is to become of our role and what new opportunities and responsibilities lie ahead of us in the future?
Amongst the unknown there is one certainty: you are the future of the pharmacy profession!

So don’t wait a minute longer and book your ticket for the British Pharmaceutical Student’s Association (BPSA) Northern Area Conference, “Pharmacy: past, present and future”, where you will be given an insightful blast from the past and a sneak peek into what changes you might observe in the near future.

Date of event: Saturday 15th February


Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences.
161 Cathedral Street,
G4 0RE

For further information, contact Marwah Zaki at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Pennine Area Spring Conference

The 2nd Pennine Area Conference is to be held on the 1st March 2014 at Liverpool John Moores University on the topic of Mens and Womens Health.

The event will include a range of speakers with expertise in mens or womens health, including hospital and community pharmacists and a CPPE workshop.

It will be a great chance to meet new friends and a fantastic opportunity to gain a PDS point!

The event will take place from 10- 4 on Saturday 1st March at Liverpool John Moores University.

Southern Area Spring Conference

Wondering how some medications are metabolised in the body? Is Friday the beginning of the liver's work week?

To find out more about this vital organ make sure you attend the BPSA Southern Area Conference on 'Liver - Metabolism and Disease' at Brighton University on the 15th of March.

Date: 15th March. Location: Brighton University, Falmer Campus, Checkland Building, room 218, BN1 9PH.
The closest train station is Falmer.

From: 9:30 am till 4 pm.


Eastern Area Spring Conference

Ouch!!! That hurts! Remember that throbbing you feel when you just stubbed your baby toe on the table leg? Or how about that scorching sensation when your hand touched the oven wall while you were getting your fries out? Oh don’t even get me started about the things you feel when the dentist starts drilling!

Yes. We have all felt it. PAIN!!! That agonising feeling you feel sometimes but cannot do anything about.

So here is the conference you do not want to miss! The things you never knew about pain, what it is exactly, the different types of pain there is, what happens to the body when it is feeling it, and most importantly what we can do to make it stop!


2nd Eastern Area Conference

Date: 22nd March 2014


LT1 (opposite the library building) University of East Anglia, Norwich Research Park, Norwich, NR4 7TJ

Time: 10am to 5pm

Tickets: ONLY £4 and that will get you LUNCH and not to forget a PDS point!

Special Note: There will be a special session to talk about making the transition from studying pharmacy to practicing pharmacy. This covers everything from all 4 years of the course to pre-registration and 1st year after qualifying as a pharmacist. You definitely want to be here for this one! So get you tickets NOW!!!


Western Area Spring Conference

Interested in hospital pharmacy, or perhaps you’ve just never heard of a Critical Care Pharmacist before? Then come and learn more about Critical Care Pharmacy at the University of Bath on 8th March 2014. This Western Area Conference will have expert speakers and an interactive workshop session during the day.

As well as coming to learn about this specialist field of pharmacy, this event is an opportunity to earn another PDS point! It’s not too late to earn all five points this year, even if you haven’t started yet. This will also be an amazing opportunity to meet pharmacy students from across the country, with an optional social event in the beautiful city of Bath after the event so don’t miss out!

The event will take place on 8th March 2014, 9:30–16:00, Room 3WN 2.1, University of Bath, Bath BA2 7AY, United Kingdom.

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