Welcome to the 'Resources' section of the website. Here you will find the information you need to access some of the external benefits to BPSA membership such as free membership to the UKCPA. In this section you will also find book reviews and signposting to various free-access websites where you will be able to find information for your projects, lectures and presentations etc. Happy exploring!

UKCPA encourage, support and promote advanced practice in pharmacy. The UKCPA actively develops clinical pharmacy practice as well as developing individual practitioners, and we are frequently at the forefront of initiatives such as establishing professional curricula, developing professional recognition (credentialing) processes, and developing professional tools and frameworks for practitioners

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CPPE offers many continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities. Based at the University of Manchester, it is part of the Workforce Academy within the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. CPPE is funded by Health Education England and is committed to providing high-quality, professional learning materials and excellent customer service.

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Industrial Pharmacy Brochure

Industry brochure cover

This brochure on Industrial Pharmacy has been designed by leaders in industry and experts to help you as students to know what to expect in industry and what they expect from you.

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