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EPSA logoThe European Pharmaceutical Students' Association and its 120,000 plus members presents BPSA students with an additional and exciting range of activities. Develop a new range of skills, learn to teach others and  meet students and professionals from all over Europe.

As a BPSA member you are automatically an ordinary member of EPSA and may attend any of their events or participate in any of their projects!

For more information on all of EPSA's services check the website or click here to contact the BPSA European Officer.


Projects and Campaigns

Training is non-formal education that is delivered in an interactive fun centred manner. Participants actually have FUN in a learning activity, which foster good attitudes towards lifelong learning and self-development. Through Trainings, students’ knowledge on topics that are not usually included in the classical Pharmacy education (e.g. project management, communication and counselling skills) are improved. Trainings can be found in EPSA events but it is possible to invite EPSA trainers to your city! Click here for more info

Smart is a project in collaboration with Listening Pharma. It involves a training course followed by you getting paid for market research on behalf of Listening Pharma in your country. This is available to EPSA members in their last two years of study or recent graduates.

Public Health
EPSA run their own public health campaigns regularly, such as oBIGsity and Rare Disease Day. Check the EPSA website regularly and get in touch with your European Officer for a promotional package to get involved and hold the campaign at your university.


Exchange Programmes

EPSA Voyage logoVoyage is a couch-surfing platform exclusive to European pharmacy students as members of EPSA. Sign up to the website, browse accommodation offers all over Europe or post your own! Simply message your desired offer with any questions you may have and arrange dates for you visit then fly over, it's that simple. Click here to find out more.


Twinnet logoThis is a project were universities across Europe form Twins, Threens or Quatrinos. This is a student led project were ideally a group of students will get together and contact another university and work towards forming a twin. Below there is a short outline of how organising a Twin may go. Click here to find out more.



EPSA hosts and advertises many international events, assuring there is something for everyone; all of whom are welcomed with open arms.

Autumn Assembly & Annual Congress
The Autumn Assembly every October and Annual Congress every April, are EPSA's flag-ship events. Each is a 7 day conference with days packed full of events such as General Assembly, workshops, lectures, sight-seeing tours and the meet-me-fair. There is also a full evening events programme packed with a variety of social events such as the EPSA Gala Dinner and the infamous International Night..

Annual Reception
Annual Receptionis an event of excellence taking place at the European Parliament in Brussels every year in February or March. This is where EPSA discuss their activities and achievements from the previous year with  external bodies such as professional organisations, European institutions, student associations and companies. There is also a  panel discussion on a current topic.

Summer University (SU)
Summer University is a much more relaxed and fun centred event. The day is filled with activities in the host city and workshops on a particular pharmaceutical topic. The majority of the time is allocated to having a good time and a busy social schedule. The event usually takes place mid-summer.

Training New Trainers (TNT)
Training New Trainers are events held to educate participants to be  EPSA Trainers (See EPSA Trainers – project). It is usually a very active and fun weeks  worth of sessions  that will help you to develop a range of soft skills vital for success in todays profession.

World Healthcare Students Symposium (WHSS)
The four most prominent health care student associations, EPSA, IFMSA, EMSA and IPSF, have joined forces to put together this event. Students from the health care sector from the world over are invited to attend this symposium, the aim of which is to discuss future cooperation between both health care professions and health care students. WHSS represents the largest international meeting ever between health care students working towards a common goal.



EPSAnewsletterEPSA distributes a variety of publications ranging from the latest news in EPSA to the latest news in selected pharmaceutical areas.

The EPSA newsletter detailing the latest news in EPSA from its executive, officials and members. Featuring articles from student associations and professional organisations in Europe and an important platform for EPSAs member associations to share important events and news. Read current and past EPSA Newsletters by clicking here

Information Letter
Is a booklet containing recent and pertinent topics in health and pharmaceutical science and also news from relevant professional and student organisations. Click here to read the EPSA Information Letters.

Activity Booklet
After a congress, the conclusions, together with the results of the annual questionnaire and the Statements of Opinion, are published by the outgoing Vice-President. The Activity Booklet constitutes the compilation of all the work that has been done by EPSA on the specific topic of the annual congress.

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