The BPSA Executive

The BPSA has an executive of nineteen volunteers, made up of current Pharmacy students, Preregistration trainees, and first year qualified Pharmacists. The members of the Executive are elected at the BPSA Annual Conference and along with their individual roles they work together to manage the functions of the BPSA and represent the members of the BPSA.

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Katy 2013

 Katy Parsons

Vice President

Lauren 2013

 Lauren Rose

Secretary General


Chloe 2013

Chloe O'Beirne

Public Relations Officer

Lottie 2013

Lottie Bain

European Officer


Brendan 2013

Brendan Murray

Information Technology Officer

Annie 2013

Annie Sellers

Student Exchange Officer

Jenna 2013

Jenna McClements

Graduate Officer


Emma 2013

Emma Bolton

Publications Officer


Katrina 2013

Katrina Fredericks

Educational Development Officer

BPSA 019

Saqlain Shah

Northern Area Coordinator

Marwah 2013

Marwah Zaki

Pennine Area Coordinator

Stephen 2013

Stephen Messham

Southern Area Coordinator

Armineh 2013

Armineh Moin Khan

Western Area Coordinator

Amit 2013

Amit Parekh

Eastern Area Coordinator


Acacia Leong Pik Kay

Annual Conference Organisers


Shahd Abdelaziz & Poppy Woods

Competitions Coordinator


Amy Price

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