Be inspired, make new contacts and exchange ideas at many events across the world with the opportunity to attend pharmacy conferences, events and exhibitions. Involvement in the BPSA provides a fantastic opportunity to attend these events and further your professional development and educational knowledge.

As a future pharmacist, your continuing professional development is of high value and these networking opportunities can help you build a group of professional contacts who can act as a useful resource in the years to come. Networking opportunities are available to everyone both locally and online. Keep up to date with the latest updates and issues that may impact you, and develop yourself as a pharmacy professional. There’s something for everyone, and the more you get involved, the more you will get out.

Networking with the BPSA

Attendance at BPSA Area Conferences allows the opportunity to network with people across all the pharmacy schools in the UK, as well as speakers from specialist areas. The BPSA’s Annual Conference is the flagship event of the year that provides a fantastic opportunity to network with the key individuals of the pharmacy profession. Furthermore involvement in the BPSA provides the opportunity to obtain entry into other pharmacy conferences and events, often at a discounted price.

Networking with the RPS

Additionally, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society's Local Practice Forums (LPFs) bring together the national providers of pharmacy learning (CPPE, Welsh CPPE and NHS Education for Scotland) with primary care organisations, local pharmaceutical committees, schools of pharmacy, pharmacy employers and the Society’s former local branches. In so doing, they ensure that local education and training is joined up. Attendance at these LPFs is free and BPSA members are strongly encouraged to attend. Visit the RPS website for more information on LPFs and to find your local area.

The RPS online groups have been created to allow members with similar specialities to interact with each other, share interests and exchange news, post event details and ideas. For more information, visit the RPS website.

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Click here to go to the Pharmacy Student Online Network on the RPS website. Click here to go to the Preregistration trainee Network on the RPS website. Click here to go to find your RPS Local Practice Forum and see when the meetings are.

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