As the British Society for the History of Pharmacy enters into it's 50th year, it is pleased to announce the release of it's journal as an open access online international publication!

The British Society for the History of Pharmacy originated from the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and was formed in 1967. It aims to connect the avid historian in us all, with the advancement of pharmacy from ancient apothecaries to modern day medicine and the role of the pharmacist in community, hospital and industry.

The society journal, aptly named the Pharmaceutical Historian, has been available since 1967, and this will be the first year it is released as an open access online international publication. The BSHP are working in collaboration with the International Society for the History of Pharmacy, to release quarterly editions starting with this year’s March and June numbers!

Feel free to explore the history of pharmacy in the latest publication here: http://www. bshp/ph;jsessionid= 1qss9701bn0ss.x-ic-live-03


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