Pre-Registration Applications via the new ORIEL system

Applying for your pre-registration placement has never been a less-than-daunting task. It’s an important time during which you decide which sector you want to complete your training in and where you will be working full-time over the next year.

From 2017, ORIEL will be the online application portal system by which students apply for a pre-registration place in any hospital and some community pharmacies (check the ORIEL system for details as to which community employers have opted in). 

Through this new system, applicants will be able to apply, book a slot for interview and receive offers all in one place.

For those students who are going into final year this September, going through this new process may seem even more worrisome: though fear not! We’re here to point you in the right direction whether you need additional supporting resources or have individual questions to ask.

1. ORIEL Application Process Webinar

If you follow us on Twitter, you should have hopefully already seen our ORIEL application process webinar. This is a presentation with a voice over which takes you through each stage of the application process, produced by the BPSA in collaboration with Health Education England. 

Topics covered include:

●      Personal Details and Eligibility Criteria in the registration sections

●      Preferencing

●      The Interview Day

●      How to get ahead of the game 

The full webinar can be accessed via our YouTube channel here and lasts less than 12 minutes.

2. Pre-Registration Pharmacist Recruitment Handbook 2017

For all the information you require on the application process, don’t forget to refer to the Health Education England Pre-Registration Pharmacist Recruitment Handbook 2017, available from here.

3. Contacting the BPSA

If you cannot find you answer in any of the resources listed here, then you can contact the BPSA.


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