Development Scheme

What is the Professional Development Scheme?

The BPSA’s Professional Development Scheme (PDS) is an important service that the BPSA offers to help you prepare for Continuing Professional Development (CPD), a mandatory activity for all UK-registered pharmacists.
The scheme allows pharmacy students to develop the necessary reflective skills for CPD through the collection of evidence from different BPSA or Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s (RPS) activities. Continuous participation in the PDS takes you from Level 1 (Bronze) to Level 4 (Platinum) of the professional development during your degree. This demonstrates your commitment to CPD and to your future profession right from the beginning of your career. Indeed, it shines on your CV and is highly valued by the employers.

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Please download the final reflection form here

How does the Scheme work?

By taking part in an accredited BPSA or RPS activity, you become eligible for a Professional Development Point (PDP). In order to claim a PDP, you have to complete your entry online using the system provided by CoAcS, the company which also maintains the CPD recording system for the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC).

Once you have completed an online portfolio of five PDPs, you should fill in a Final Reflection Form and submit your portfolio to the Educational Development Officer (EDO) for marking (see PDS User Guide below for more details). The EDO marks your portfolio against the approved marking scheme for PDPs and the Final Reflection Form, and considers your entry for a Professional Development Certificate (PDC). There are four levels of the PDC: Bronze (Level 1), Silver (Level 2), Gold (Level 3) and Platinum (Level 4). Completing five PDPs each academic year allows you to progress through levels of the certificate, so at the end of your four years at university, you have earned the highest level: platinum.

PDCs will be posted to the address provided in your Final Reflection Form. Those students who do not fulfil the requirements for a PDC will have their portfolio sent back to them with some advice and guidance on how to improve it. They may then re-submit the portfolio for another review. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email the Educational Development Officer.

Where can I get my PDPs from?

The PDS-accredited events and activities vary from conferences and competitions organised by the BPSA or the RPS to the BPSA Research Poster Awards or the CPD Clinic questions published in the Future Pharmacist magazine. PDPs can be obtained for taking part in the following accredited BPSA/RPS activities:

Note that a maximum of 2 points can be gained from any one type of activities (e.g. an Area Conference or a competition). However, if one of the activities is worth 2 PDPs (e.g. a two-day Area Conference) you can obtain a maximum of 3 PDPs from that type of activities.

Recording your PDS Entries Online

Your PDS entries should be recorded online using the system provided by CoAcS. Click here to go to the online system.  

You should request your online system username and password as early in the academic year as possible as it may take up two weeks for the EDO to issue you with these details closer to the submission deadline. If you already have access to the “uptodate” system via your University, then you can simply upload your portfolio there and add BPSA as a “viewer”. Please include your “uptodate” access number/code in the portfolio submission email to the EDO.  

Please follow the PDS User Guide on how to submit your PDS portfolio to the EDO.
A copy of the marking schemes may be accessed for your reference below:

  • Individual PDP Form Marking Scheme
  • Final reflection Form Marking Scheme

Deadline for this year’s entries will be the 31st of August 2017. Please do not send any of the completed portfolios by post.

Before you start recording your entries online, read carefully through “Using Learning Outcomes and Competencies to Complete Your PDS Portfolio” and “Using the Principles of CPD to Record Your PDS Entries” below.


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