As well as the BPSA Executive, the BPSA relies heavily on a network of National Representatives within each School of Pharmacy. Two representatives are selected from each year to form the BPSA Reps for that School. They act as an important point of contact between students at universities and the Executive. They are responsible for relaying information from the BPSA to the schools, coordinating BPSA activities at a local level and also represent their schools at Executive meetings twice a year as well as much more. As well as BPSA National Reps we also have International BPSA Reps. Click here to find out more.

Your local BPSA Rep should be known to students within the school, but if you’re unsure then you can contact the Area Coordinator for your region to find out who this is.

If you are a student who is enthusiastic about the BPSA and would like to know more about becoming a BPSA Representative, please contact your Area Co-ordinator via the Executive information page.

The BPSA would not be able to operate without the BPSA Representatives

The British Pharmaceutical Students’ Association is split Britain into five manageable ‘Areas’ each of which is run by an Area Co-ordinator. To find out more about the area you are in, or any of the BPSA areas, simply click on the map to find out more.



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The BPSA has an Executive of 19 volunteers who manage the functions of the BPSA

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