BPSA Autumn Area Conferences 2018

Every year the BPSA holds two rounds of area conferences. This year we had some interesting topics discussed across the country!

Upset you missed out? Not to worry! Keep an eye on this page to find out about our spring conferences to be held in 2019!

Conferences are one day long and usually held on a Saturday. Lectures, workshops, debates, and interactive sessions make these days action packed. The topics covered at Area Conferences complements that learned on your course, but also, provides an insight into how those skills can be applied in practice in working life. 

Read below to get on our recent Autumn Area Conferences.

Northern Area Conference – Reach your Potential

This year our Northern Autumn Area Conference was split into Mini-Area Conferences - in Glasgow (22nd October) and Aberdeen (19th November), with a theme of 'Reach Your Potential!'.

These evening conferences featured clinical training, soft skills workshops and careers advice from various sectors of the profession, as well as information on some organisations that will be able to help students in their future practice.


It is no secret that the role of the Pharmacist is changing. Pharmacists are being given more responsibility, more publicity and more opportunities to impact on the health of patients.

This conference was designed to start developing pharmacy students to equipped them with the skills to succeed and thrive in these new roles and make a difference for the better.

“I think that the BPSA Conference was very beneficial and inspiring. I liked how all the speakers talked about their backgrounds and how it all started for them. Overall it was a fab night” Sagarika Ojha, 1st year, Strathclyde

“The BPSA conference was an amazing opportunity that allowed us Pharmacy students to gain invaluable advice that will benefit us for years to come” Yaeesh Khan, 1st year, Strathclyde

Pennine Area Conference – Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are crucial for testing the safety and efficacy of medicines, and pharmacists are an integral part of the process.

This conference, held at The University of Manchester, students were able to learn more about careers in hospital and industry, with speakers discussing topics such as the clinical trials process or new emerging drug therapies. 

The conference allowed students to meet some fantastic experts in the profession, partake in hands-on workshops and engage in heated debates on come controversial topics with other students. 




“My take home from the conference was a quote by Professor Nigel Ratcliffe - "Be careful being told there's too many of you". The event helped highlight the vast number of opportunities available with an MPharm degree. It was inspiring to see experienced professionals all from different fields but all with one thing in common: a love and passion for Pharmacy!” Kundai Gomwe, 2nd year, University of Manchester

“So exciting and rewarding to meet so many professionals expecting in the field and meeting so many pharmacy students from different years!” Roohi Khushtar, 4th Year, University of Huddersfield

Western Area Conference – Access and Supply

Medicines save lives every day, but how useful is a medicine that cannot reach those who need it most? 

With the deadline for the UN Sustainable Development Goals now only TWELVE years away it is urgent that pharmacists, the medicine experts, work to address global health inequalities. 

Students attending this conference at Cardiff University were able to explore different ways in which pharmacists can ensure safe and sustainable supply of medicines, from community to international vaccination. 

With speakers and workshops focused on advocacy, humanitarian and community, students were able to learning about some key progresses, exploring careers and roles they could undertake within the field to improve the global inequalities.



“I hadn’t thought about the military as a future profession as an undergraduate pharmacist, however I believe this is now a potential for me. Also even though I knew about the healthcare inequality across the globe, the conference gave us the opportunity to make an impact- as a pharmacy student and in the future. The conference was very we organised with one big talk followed by three interactive workshops, enabling us to achieve the most out of our day. I have walked away with food for thought and motivated to act upon the information given.” Bella, 2nd Year, Cardiff

“I liked how it opened my eyes to things I hadn't really thought about before such as the daily struggles of a pharmacist working in areas of poverty. I also realised how much further the world has to go to achieve good healthcare for all. It was really eye opening and I will now make more effort to be aware of these global problems.” Liv, 2nd Year, Cardiff

Eastern Area Conference – Addiction

Did you know that 1 in 3 people suffer from a form of addiction?

Addiction comes in various shapes and forms; some are easier to spot than others, but all can have a detrimental effect on people's lives.

At the Eastern Area Conference, held at the University of Nottingham, students were able to hear leading pharmacists and experts explore the taboo realm of addiction, including talks on recent developments around the legalisation of medicinal cannabis, alcoholism and OTC addiction.




"The EAC provided an excellent opportunity to network with like-minded individuals from other Universites by including a variety of team-building exercises. It was intriguing to discuss the use of cannabis in medicine and learn that NICE guidelines on the topic are due to be released in October 2019." Saffah Danial, 2nd year, Lincoln

“It was really interesting to hear more about POM and alcohol addiction, because this is something not really covered in the Pharmacy course. When we talk about addiction mostly we’re referring to illicit drugs, so finding out about other forms of addiction was incredibly helpful. I enjoyed taking part in the interactive discussion session; the conference was such a great way to build on my existing clinical knowledge and meet Pharmacy students from many different universities.” Amelia Ellis, 3rd ear, UEA

Southern Area Conference – Mental Health

In a country where 1 in 6 adults experience a common mental health problem every week, utilising pharmacists effectively couldn’t be of more value to society.

Members of our profession are placed in both unique and varied environments that enable them to be of service to patients. 

This conference, held at Kingston University, London, showcased the ways in which pharmacists have been working to collectively increase good mental health.

Students who attended the conference were able to access the line-up of mental health experts, learned from unique workshops and networked with students from other schools of pharmacy.

Students were also able to explore wellbeing and how to focus on their own mental health.



"The Southern Area conference was an amazing experience and I would highly recommend for anyone in any year of the MPharm to attend. Each talk and workshop were very unique to one another, which made it a very enjoyable experience. Not only was it eye-opening hear from influential figures in Pharmacy, but I was also able to network and speak with other students from all years and even a few pre-registration pharmacists. I will definitely be attending the next conference!" Rohan Rishiraj, 3rd year, UCL




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