British Pharmaceutical Students’ Association Representative Applications


The British Pharmaceutical Students’ Association is the official student organisation of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. Every year, members of the Association, such as yourself, apply to become Representatives. There are three types of BPSA Representative: National, International, and Competitions. First, second, third and fourth year students and pre-registration pharmacists are eligible to apply, and applications close at 23:59 on 30th September 2019. 


This year, applications for each type of Representative will run parallel to each other. 

"My confidence has grown hugely by doing lecture shoutouts and other promotion; as a result I've been more involved in societies at my university, I participated a lot during debates at the annual conference and even went to an EPSA event!" - Sabrina Stecka, University of Nottingham

Why apply to become a BPSA Representative?

As a Representative you will have plenty of opportunities for personal and professional development. You will be required to attend a BPSA Representative training day during the academic year and may also be required to attend an online training course, at which you will receive training for soft and other skills outside of the MPharm curriculum that will greatly assist your personal and professional development. 

Other reasons include:
  • Develop your organisational, teamwork and presentation skills.
  • Get to meet like minded individuals from all over the UK.
  • Get the opportunity to network with potential employers.
  • Organise and promote the work of the BPSA in and around your school of pharmacy.
  • Organise and promote events and competitions at your school of pharmacy.
  • Meet new people, socialise and have fun!
  • Climb the BPSA ladder towards a leadership role in the executive.
  • Get recognition on the BPSA website and social media for your hard work and achievements! 
“To me BPSA is learning, friends, adventures and growing as a professional.” - Pia Scarpa, University of Manchester

Which type of position shall I apply for?

You may apply for multiple positions, and if it is felt that you are capable and that it is appropriate, you may be awarded multiple positions. The Executive members which manage the Representatives have produced some useful PDFs on the expectations of National, International and Competition Representatives.

The main roles and responsibilities of National Representatives are to:

  • Represent the BPSA at your School of Pharmacy and facilitate the representation of your pharmacy school at BPSA events.
  • Promote joint membership of the RPS and BPSA to all students.
  • Publicise and promote the BPSA and our services to all pharmacy undergraduates (this includes the Area Conferences, Science Into Practice, Annual Conference, and all competitions).
  • Regularly liaising with your BPSA Area Coordinator.
  • Attend the Executive/Representatives Meetings.
  • Attend regular meetings with the other representatives in your area.
  • Where feasible, National Representatives are expected to attend the BPSA Annual Conference.
  • Attend mandatory rep training.
  • Support other Representatives including Competition and International Representatives when necessary.
  • Promote, attend and assist in the running of area conferences where possible.
  • Adhere to the Code of Conduct.

The main roles, responsibilities and expectations of International Representatives are to:

  • Liaise with, and be the point of contact for their school of Pharmacy regarding International events such as EPSA Autumn Assembly, IPSF World Congress and the Student Exchange Programme
  • Use your personal social media accounts to promote International Events.
  • Signpost to the European Officer and the Student Exchange Officer where required.
  • Have an interest in meeting with incoming international students.
  • Have an interest in organising a Twinnett.
  • Attend BPSA and International events where possible.
  • Identify local placement(s) which would be suitable for a student on the Student Exchange Programme.

The main roles and responsibilities of a Competitions Representative are to:

  • Liaise with, and be the point of contact for, their school of pharmacy regarding BPSA competitions.
  • Represent the BPSA at their School of Pharmacy.
  • Represent their School of Pharmacy to the BPSA.
  • Organise the first round of BPSA competitions at their School of Pharmacy.
  • Promote BPSA competitions at their School of Pharmacy.
  • Liaise with the BPSA Competitions Coordinator.
  • Attend the Executive/Representatives Meetings (held twice a year).
  • Two representatives per area to attend and assist the second round of competitions at their Spring Area Conference where possible.
  • Two representatives to attend and assist the final round of competitions at Annual Conference where possible.

Where do I apply?

Click here to apply for a position as a National Representative

Click here to apply for a position as an International Representative

Click here to apply for a position as a Competitions Representative

If you require IT related support for your application, please contact us at with a short summary of your query. We will be more than happy to help and this will not affect the integrity of your application. Please ensure you download the PDF to your desktop prior to filling in the form. 

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