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Oriel Feedback Report 2019

The BPSA is proud to publish its 2019 Oriel Feedback Report: An Assessment of Candidate’s Responses (2019) and Comparative Review of Responses between two BPSA commissioned surveys (2017 and 2019)

The RB Student of the Year Competition has opened

The RB student of the Year competitions has now opened! Read more about this and other competitions

Travel Fund for EPSA's Annual Reception

Funding to assist with the costs of attending EPSA's Annual Reception is available from the BPSA. Follow this link to reach the application form. 

Recognising endometriosis

Endometriosis is as common in women as diabetes, but diagnosis can take years, help spot the condition to make a difference.


This pharmacy scenario is about fainting and understanding how and why it can occur in people.

More tariff changes on the way?

A consultation on medicines reimbursement could see further tightening of price controls in the specials market, but the timetable is uncertain...

Dementia: part one

Part one of this dementia CPPE module looks at the prevelance of the condition as well as the different types of dementia. 

Push the bloat out

Digestive issues are common and while they can be uncomfortable, many are easily treated using self care and OTC remedies. 

Winter health update

This module provides an overview of the diagnosis, symptoms and management of colds and flu.

The ageing process

Estimates suggest that one in seven of us will be over 75 years of age by 2040, so attention is turning to treatments to target the ageing process.

Headache and migraine

Headaches can affect everyone from time to time but pharmacy staff need to know which types may need more careful consideration.

The BPSA's response to the GPhC's new Fitness to Practice guidance

The BPSA has published its response to the GPhC's new guidance on Fitness to Practice

Season’s greetings

Researchers are exploring promising therapeutic avenues for coughs and colds but symptomatic remedies will remain a pharmacy mainstay for now.

Play it by ear

Listen up! Modern lifestyles are affecting ear health. Find out how pharmacy teams can help customers protect their hearing.

Winter health

This CPD module looks at winter health, specially cold and flu which brings many customers to the pharmacy.

The obesity agenda

The Welsh Government has published a new strategy to help people manage their weight and pharmacy teams can help.

Body Talk: the nervous system

Part four of Body Talk considers the workings of the nervous system.

Constipation: Making effective recommendations

Learn how to help customers with constipation and find out how even brief conversations can have a positive influence on their health. 

Sore throats and antibiotic resistance

This module will help you to understand and educate customers about the risks of antibiotic resistance, and recommend products to help them effectively manage their sore throat symptoms.  

Fungal skin infections

This module will help you to understand the presenting features of fungal skin infections, the management options and the possible complications.

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