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The RB Student of the Year Competition has opened

The RB student of the Year competitions has now opened! Read more about this and other competitions

Travel Fund for EPSA's Annual Reception

Funding to assist with the costs of attending EPSA's Annual Reception is available from the BPSA. Follow this link to reach the application form. 

Travel Fund for EPSA's Annual Congress

The BPSA has launched the Travel Fund for EPSA's Annual Congress!

Competitions Have Opened!

Competitions have opened for the 2019 - 2020 academic year!

Graduate Officer Co-option

Graduate Officer co-option has opened for the 2019/20 mandate

BPSA Representative Applications Have Re-opened

BPSA Representative Applications Have now Re-opened!

Travel Fund for EPSA's Autumn Assembly

The Travel Fund has officially opened for EPSA's Autumn Assembly. Click to read more....

Closing of the Professional Development Scheme

It is with great regret that the Executive has made the decision to no longer offer The Professional Development Scheme.

Engagement Officer Co-option 2019/20

As part of the 2019/2020 mandate, the Executive is opening co-option for the position of Engagement Officer.

Vice President Executive Co-option 2019

The position of Vice President remains vacant following the Executive elections held onĀ 19th of April 2019. Co-option for this position is now open. Successful applicants will serve on the Executive from July 2019 to June 2029.

Oriel - the new pre-registration recruitment platform

A new centralised recruitment and selection process for pre-registration pharmacist posts in England and Wales will be introduced from summer 2017. The new application process will utilise the Oriel IT system and is a direct replacement for the Pharmalife application process. The Oriel IT system is already used to support the recruitment of both dentists and doctors. It is expected that all hospital and the majority of community pre-registration pharmacist posts across England and Wales will be recruited to via this process.