Insight: PharmData x Oliver Staunton

"I think that as time goes on, and the role of pharmacy changes, there will always be opportunities for new and exciting ways to do things, and that includes IT." - Oliver Staunton created a Pharmacy IT company, find out more about how it came to be.

Insight: From Community to Industry x Preetam Patel

"Looking back I personally believe when it came to careers day at university pharmacy students weren’t given the whole picture when it came to industry. We did not need a first degree and we definitely did not need to go to a ‘special’ university to get into industry." - Preetam Patel details her journey from Community Pharmacy into Industry

5 Year Pharmacy Degrees? A closer look at the Nottingham 5 Year course

Tom Gray, Head of Professional and Clinical Leadership at Nottingham University discusses the fruition of the Nottingham 5 year Pharmacy degree and outlines his thoughts on the GPhC initial education and training proposal.   

Insight: NMC x Ruth Wakeman

"Pharmacists have a lot of transferable skills that enable us to undertake policy roles. We tend to have a good eye for detail and are able to read, understand and communicate complicated information to different audiences and we are used to juggling multiple priorities." Find out how Ruth Wakeman has refined the above in her roles in policy

Insight: TED x Mark Clymer

"Reflecting on my role and career as a future pharmacy leader has enabled me to understand that the skills I developed as a clinical pharmacist are applicable and transferable to a variety of other settings" - Find out more about how Mark Clymer utilises these skills

The BPSA’s update on the Pharmacy Apprenticeships Meeting and the Process Going Forward

The BPSA’s Update on the Pharmacy Apprenticeships Meeting and the Process Going Forward

Insight: Sabbatical in Namibia x Nicola Corkhill

"you may have perceptions about working in another country, including facilities available, but wait until you’ve experienced it first hand." Read about Nicola Corkhill's extraordinary sabbatical in Namibia!

Vice President Executive Co-option 2019

The position of Vice President remains vacant following the Executive elections held on 19th of April 2019. Co-option for this position is now open. Successful applicants will serve on the Executive from July 2019 to June 2029.

Insight: HEE/NIHR Integrated Clinical Programme x Stephen Morris

The NIHR Integrated Clinical Academic Programme is a collaboration with HEE, Stephen Morris takes us through his experience of the programme and his journey!  

Market Barriers and Innovation in The Pharmaceutical Industry

Amardeep Bagga writes on The ‘Crisis’ in Pharmaceutical Productivity identifying possible solutions and evaluating the scale of the problem.

The Irish Pharmaceutical Students Association and the 5 Year integrated Irish M.Pharm program

Over 500 students from Ireland, gathered in Dublin city centre to protest changes to the Pharmacy degree and placement conditions. A report highlighted the detrimental effects that the new 5 year integrated degree model had on Irish students.

Executive Co-option for the position of President 

The BPSA are reopening a co-option for the vacant position of President following on from a co-option previously held in January.

Student Exchange Officer Co-option April 2019

The BPSA are currently holding a co-option for the vacant position of Student Exchange Officer.

Insight: Clinical Informatics Pharmacist x Achilles Katras

Do you know what clinical infomatics means? Do you know what it means to be a clinical informatics Pharmacist? Well read on to find out more!  

Pharmacists Are Crucial in Delivering Self Care!

Pharmacists are integral to self care.  They can both motivate people to self care and support them in the process - find out how more about self care and its importance by reading this article.

Insight: NHS Digital/CPoF x Victoria Chaplin

"My fellowship is based in NHS Digital – the information technology and data hub for the National Health Service and social care" Find out about Victoria Chaplins Chief Pharmaceutical Officer's Fellowship at NHSD

Insight: Army Pharmacist Officer x Lt Col Rob Liddington

"I was working for Boots and decided to make the move and join the Army - I have never looked back" - Curious about a career in the military as a Pharmacist? Have a read of Lt Col Rob Liddington MRPharmS RAMC(V) experience!

The BPSA's draft response to the GPhC's proposed changes to initial education and training standards for Pharmacists

The BPSA's draft response to the GPhC's initial education and training consultation for comment. Comments  and queries should be sent to

The BPSA's statement on proposed changes to initial training and education standards

The BPSA's statement on proposed changes to initial training and education standards.

Success in the Pre-reg Year // Simon Harris

"You wouldn’t choose a hotel for your summer holiday without first reading reviews on it – treat your pre-reg the same!" Want some more pre-reg nuggets read on to gain from Simon Harris' top tips!

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