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The Global Goals and Pharmacy

I believe pharmacists and pharmacy students can, should, and will play a vital role in achieving the Global Goals, ensuring sustainable infrastructure and accessible medication for all, irrespective of one’s nationality or culture. The BPSA's very own Western Area Coordinator Rhys Llewellyn, highlights the importance of WHO's Global goals and Pharmacy!

Pharmacy students and careers in Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs)

The consistent challenge faced by pharmacists always concerns experience and highlighting the financial value that you bring to any organisation. Meera Parkash advises the students of today on how to progress in a shifting landscape and details her journey as a CCG Pharmacist.

Meet your 2018/19 Exec

June saw the new executive being ushered in, it is thus pertinent to introduce you to the faces of those who will be representing you and the other dozen of Pharmacy students over the next year. 

Volunteering can be life changing!

What can you get out of volunteering? Can volunteering bring about a positive change? Is volunteering worth it? So many questions can be asked about whether volunteering is valuable - Saffah explores the benefits of volunteering through sharing her experiences.

Ten top tips for your Pre-reg year!

Your pre-reg year is probably flying by and if not then you'll find yourself in it sooner than you think! So why not have a peak at these 10 tips.

Insight: The NHS Youth Forum x Jake Ashton

Although the NHS Youth Forum is a national project, ran by the British Youth Council and NHS England, not very many people have heard about it. Now you've heard of it, why not find out more through the eyes of a former member!

A Dose of Pharmacy Marketing?

Becoming a pharmacist can feel like an immense challenge. A mountain to reach the summit of or an ocean to swim across. But why stop there? Gavin Birchall shares his Pharmacy journey and route to forming a Healthcare marketing agency and writing the PMF...the Pharmacy Marketing Formulary.

Why apply for a split pre-registration training programme

Applications for pre-registration training 2019-2020 are now open, with a staggering amount of places to choose from, Tom talks about his experience this past year on a split pre-registration programme and why he highly recommends it. 

Challenges of Pharmacy in Malaysia

Studying abroad on a summer programme offers a fantastic opportunity, Shiva visited Malaysia to find out more about pharmacy and public health.

If at first you don't succeed…come back stronger

Speaking in front of around 100 students is an incredibly daunting but rewarding experience.. Read how Jess's experience of running in the elections made her come back to conference stronger each year.

Annual Conference - your gateway to the world of pharmacy.

Read here how attending annual conference helped Sally to appreciate just how much you can actually do with an MPharm degree!

The social side of Annual Conference.

The social side of Annual Conference is not to be underestimated and overlooked, read here about a first-time conference goers experience!  

A Pharmacy Student's Perspective on Digital Health

In the age of information, digital technology impacts all of our lives and is one of the most important tools a modern day society requires to operate efficiently. Arguably, in healthcare we see this need for technology the most where it is more than something that merely reduces human effort, but something that can help improve the quality of life and even save lives.

Bacteriophage therapy: is there a growing need for it?

 Bacteriophage therapy is where lytic bacteriophages are used to treat a narrow range of pathogenic bacterial infections.  The goal is to one day replace antibiotic treatment with bacteriophage therapy.

From camp counsellor to associate of the GPhC

You don't need pharmacy experience to ace an interview.  In this article Alastair, a pre-reg pharmacist and our VP,  explains how he landed a summer experience at Camp America!

Learning on the job – a community pharmacy placement

Thinking about applying for a community pharmacy placement?  Here Anmol, a third-year pharmacy student, takes a look back at the summer when he worked as a Dispenser for 10 weeks.

How to do an amazing job of selling

Studying and getting good grades is only half of what your MPharm should be about. You have to have fun, of course, but it’s also vitally important to get some experience in the world of work.  Read our Presidents' top tips on how to apply for placements to give yourself an insight into what roles you like.

A pre-reg place in mental health

Interested in a career in mental health?  Read Bryony's insight into her mental health experience, including exploring some of the preconceptions surrounding this area of healthcare.

CPPE Mental health: support for people living with mental health conditions

If you're interested in a career in mental health, or just want to become more informed on the subject, then read on for more information on the CPPE. Their mental health programme and campaign, aims to raise the profile of mental health conditions and to explore how pharmacy professionals can improve their support for people living with mental health conditions.

5 study tips I wish I had known as a fresher!

Starting university is a big life change, and despite the main purpose of it all is to study, it can become less of a priority when there are so many other things going on, read top 5 study tips written by Holly Hardstone, a third-year student at Bath
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The Global Goals and Pharmacy

I believe pharmacists and pharmacy students can, should, and will play a vital role in achieving the Global Goals, ensur...

Pharmacy students and careers in Clinical Commissioning Groups (C…

The consistent challenge faced by pharmacists always concerns experience and highlighting the financial value that you b...


10 minute clinic: head lice

This handy 10-minute clinic is designed to act as a quick reference guide that will help you advise customers on head li...

30 shades of purple

With Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month approaching, there are plenty of opportunities for pharmacy teams to get involved...

A sporting chance

Obesity and overweight statistics are at an all-time high in the UK, with people of all ages putting their health a...

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