Author: Jessica Watt – Pennine Area Coordinator 2017/18

It was during my second annual conference in Cardiff that I decided that I wanted to run for a position on the executive as the Pennine Area Coordinator. Witnessing the work completed by my predecessors empowered me with the desire to run and form a vision for where I would like to take the role. My approach to running was slightly spontaneous which I do not regret in the slightest. ‘Conference fever’ had most definitely hit and I ran with it.

Speaking in front of around 100 students is an incredibly daunting but rewarding experience, and instead of focussing on losing out in the election, I utilised it as an opportunity to become more involved with the association and within the pharmacy world as a whole. As the former area coordinator resided within Keele University, I felt becoming a national representative and being a point of contact and support whenever it was possible and needed was a natural next step to take.

Over the past year, I have immersed myself in the world of pharmacy and remained motivated with the goal in mind to run for elections at Durham last year. With perseverance, and blatant refusal to give up I found myself getting the role of Pennine Area Co-Ordinator for 2017-18. Moral of the story is; if you find yourself running for something and unfortunately not getting the position, do not lose faith in yourself and do not give up on going for other opportunities and running again for the same position. Allow it to strengthen you, work hard, do yourself proud, and you will reap the rewards.




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