Meet your 2018/19 Exec

June saw the new executive being ushered in it is thus pertinent to introduce you to the faces of those who will be representing you and the other dozen of Pharmacy students over the next year. I am Kweku Bimpong and I have been elected as your publications officer. I look forward to producing a plethora of content for you, my aim is to ensure that students have greater accessibility to the associations’ work. In keeping with my goal I thought it best to introduce you to the rest of the executive so read on to familiarise yourself with the rest of them and their goals.


President - Junel Ahmed

As President, I want to work on amplifying the voice of our members, ensuring that we represent our members and deliver what the students want.

I want to develop and refresh the role of the Executive and ensure that the BPSA Executive are empowered to achieve their potential within the role


Vice-President - Shirley Yip

I aim to carry on the Drinks Reception legacy which has been a huge success last year. It has been greatly beneficial as it provides an excellent opportunity for BPSA and RPS members to socialise and network. I hope to motivate the executive and provide everyone with the drive to achieve their goals ; be it physically or mentally, I’d do my best to support them. As the “wing-man” of the president, I hope to attend as many meetings with or on behalf of the President, this is pivotal for pharmacy students.

Treasurer - Sukhveer Singh

The BPSA is a not for profit organisation and I hope this year to invest as much as possible into student engagement, representation and education. I hope to strive for a brilliant financial year building on travel funds and competitions to provide new opportunities for students.


Secretary General - William Moore

Hi, I'm Will and I'm Sec Gen for the coming year. Overall, I'm hoping to keep everyone else in the executive organised and on task and to ensure that we can work in a dynamic manner. Taking care of administrative aspects, I'll be organising meetings, minuting our Annual conference and chasing people up on the various tasks they need to do. Additionally, as Sec Gen I'll be liaising and sharing our work with stakeholders and furthermore assisting with advocacy work.

Public Relations Officer - Sean Brannen

When I applied for the role of Public Relations Officer for the BPSA, I had three very clear goals in mind. My first goal was to improve engagement with the society by working with our stakeholders. This will be achieved by ensuring that our members get the chance to see what all of our stakeholders have to offer from competitions to summer placements, right through to Pre-Registration places. I also want to work with the Competitions Coordinator to re-energise the competitions so that they are appealing to our members. Finally, I want to work on gaining additional support from a Community Pharmacy company that we have not had a lot to do with in the past. This will allow me to increase the communication about the opportunities that are available for our members.

European Officer - Sally Sosnicka

Hi! I’m Sally and I’m the 2018/2019 European Officer. If you know me then you know how much time I spend in airports waiting for yet another plane to board and to embark on a new adventure. And what can be better than travelling? Travelling to an international pharmacy event where you can network and develop your knowledge and skills. I hope to remove the stigma around international events and support our students in the broadening of their horizons.

Information Technology Officer - Aisha Ahmed

Through this role I hope to make an impact on student life and the organisation. I would like to get more students engaged and proactive in their futures, encourage passion for pharmacy, and make students realise the value they have on the profession



Student Exchange Officer - Steven Cho

"This year, I hope to carry on the progress my predecessor has laid out before me, specifically strengthening the engagement between us and the Asia Pacific Region, Pan America and Europe, hoping to establish more student exchange programs for students in the UK to participate in.


Graduate Officer - Abdallah Alkhalaf

Hi, my name is Abdallah and I am the Graduate Officer for this year. My aim is to act as a point of contact and support all pre-registration pharmacists throughout their pre-registration year. I will be working with other associations to organise conferences and study sessions throughout the year for pre-registration pharmacist. This year, I want to increase pre-registration pharmacist engagement with the BPSA and hoping to organise a monthly competition to help with their preparation for the registration exam.



Publications Officer - Kweku Bimpong

I hope to transform the assosciations publications into a means of empowerment. During my mandate, I seek to give students a platform to share their knowledge amongst their peers. As well as that, I endeavour to inspire students by sharing the work of innovative professionals that are paving the way for a Pharmacy revolution. I will do so by working closely with the executive and forging ties with like-minded individuals and groups.


Educational Development Officer - Ruth Dioka

I would like more students to be involved with the BPSA and understand the importance of gaining experience outside of university. Through the BPSA you can meet so many people throughout the country, many of which remain friends for a very long time in the profession. So if that's the main thing that people get out of their time then that’s great! With my role, I just want students to take their professional development into consideration and hopefully the pre-foundation programme helps with this. I also just want everyone to have fun - we are students after all! As they say, uni years are the best years!


Northern Area Coordinator - Andrew Moy

This year I’d like to improve engagement in the association from Northern members by organising useful and interesting events, specifically tailored to the universities in the area. I’d also like to create a friendly, fun and dedicated team of reps to ensure the year is successful and enjoyable for reps and members.

Pennine Area Coordinator - Lauren McGrail

The BPSA offers fantastic opportunities to motivated pharmacy students, and as a newly elected area conference organiser, my main goal is to increase student engagement in some of the lesser involved schools of pharmacy in the Pennine area. I hope to encourage students to see how their understanding of pharmacy and their future opportunities can evolve through the help of the association.

Eastern Area Coordinator - Janelle Peralta

"My main aim is for my Area Conferences to act as a platform for pharmacy students to not only extend their knowlegde beyond the curriculum, but also to meet like-minded people and build their network. Thus I hope to further ignite interest in our profession and its future


Western Area Coordinator - Rhys Llewellyn

I'm Rhys and as WAC this year, along with the rest of the exec, my aim is to help reps become more engaged by getting videos made at every university to enable us all to see one another and where we study. I'd also love to host conferences focusing on humanitarian pharmacy including topics such as: the access to medicines index and Non-Governmental Organisations that employ pharmacists. West is Best!



Southern Area Coordinator - Raeesah Nazir

My role places me perfectly to make a positive impact on students by providing them with unique opportunities to improve themselves in ways beyond the confines of academic success. I aim to build upon the hard work of my predecessors by empowering a new generation and developing fresh talent!


Annual Conference Organisers - Hieu Huynh and Chloe Lim Xiu Yu

My ambition is to make the 77th Annual Conference at Nottingham a memorable one! More importantly, I desire for Annual Conference to be a unique platform that provides Pharmacy students from every single corner of the country the opportunity to come together to learn, broaden their horizons, be vocal , network and forge lifelong friendships. My dream is to see everyone leaving Annual conference knowing how beautiful and great our profession is and to be confident and proud of the career path that they have chosen: PHARMACY!


I aspire to elevate the BPSA to a whole new level, namely through the BPSA Annual Conference. I endeavour to see satisfaction in the faces of every student engaged with BPSA affairs furthermore I hope to affirm students’ confidence in the associations ability to have a positive impact!


Competition’s Co-Ordinator - Jessica Watt

I'm Jess and I'm the Competition's Co-Ordinator for 2018/19. My aim is to spread creativity with competitions throughout the entirety of our members to let them really show off their talents. And I'd also like to spread happy glitter magic throughout BPSA and the executive.


Your Executive





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