BPSA Representative of the Month Competition

The BPSA Representative of the Month Competition is a new monthly competition created to recognise the efforts of both our national and international representatives throughout the year. Our Rrepresentatives act as an important point of contact between students at universities and the Executive. They are responsible for relaying information to and from the BPSA to the schools, coordinating BPSA activities at a local level, representing their schools at Executive meetings twice a year, and much more. Without these representatives the BPSA would not be able to operate, therefore the BPSA Representative of the Month Competitionaward has been designed to celebrate their hard work.

Each month Nnational and Iinternational Rrepresentatives who have shown great commitment to their role will be selected from each area. The outcome of this monthly competition may help the Executive decide on the best candidates for our Rep of the Year competition. From this year, there will be two awards; National Representative of the Year and International Representative of the Year. The prizes for the National and International Representative of the Year for 2016 will be free attendance at the 75th BPSA Annual Conference.

December 2015

National Representative:


Southern Area: Nicholas Chan (King’s College London, 2nd year ).

Nicholas has been selected for his efforts in creating a 'BPSA newsletter' of BPSA events that take place each month. He has also worked diligently on the past BPSA competitions, leading a group of representatives to organise the Johnson and Johnson Responding to Symptoms competition that took place over late November/early December period. He continues to remain active with the wider profession also, encouraging students to attend LPFs in London, and attending these events himself.


Northern Area: Gabriela Atanasova (Sunderland University, 3rd year).

Pennine Area: Iqra Zafar (University of Manchester, 3rd Year).

Western Area: Stacie Marks (Cardiff University, 2nd Year).

Eastern Area: Jenny Iwobi, (DMU, 2nd a Year).

International Representative:


Jonathan Kennedy (University of Lincoln, 2nd year).

Jonathan has been brilliant so far in his role as international representative. He has managed to find and assist in the organisation of placements for incoming international pharmacy students, who are taking part in the Student Exchange Programme. The placements he has organised are in the areas of community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy and university research. He also represents the BPSA well at his university by disseminating information and liaising with staff members.

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