The fast approaching of summer exams only spells out one thing. SCHOOL’S OUT and hello summer! Right? Well no, not exactly. Perhaps more accurately most of us are facing university deadlines and little freedom for the next month (or however long revision takes). I don’t know about you, but I find summer exams to be one of the most stressful times of the academic year.

However, a part of me always looks forward to summer exams. Although it’s a stressful time and exams soon come around, they mark the beginning of the fabulous summer holidays. 

Finally, after three years of university, I can say that I see success in sight. I am going to share my top tips with you for getting through the summer exam season in one piece, with your sanity still intact.

1.     Revise with a group of friends on the same course.

This is vital because your weakness may be someone else’s strength, and your strength may be someone else’s weakness. This creates a strong team-working atmosphere and gives you the opportunity to be of help to others, whilst learning at the same time.

2.     Organise all your lecture notes and resources at least three weeks before the exam.

An organised mind is a clear mind. You do not want to be hours away from an exam and be in a predicament because you can’t find slide 8 of lecture 2 of the exam you have at 9 a.m the next morning.

3.     Keep Hydrated. Make water your best friend.

Exams normally lead to stress and subconsciously overworking the body without realising it. This increases the chance of one being dehydrated and simply forgetting to drink water. Dehydration leads to confusion and a confused mind cannot work to the best of its ability.

4.     Keep calm

Over panicking and overthinking leads to panic and anxiety attacks. The calmer you are the saner you feel.

5.     Take frequent breaks during revision.

Do not let your brain go into overdrive with the amount of information that it is being consumed. After a while revision becomes counter productive. An example would be when you are reading and you feel like no progress is being made, make sure you take a break if this happens.

6.     Stay off Social media

Less of what Kim Kardashian wore at New York fashion week and more of the drugs that interact with Warfarin. I am so guilty of sitting in the same position for hours on my phone scrolling through Facebook aimlessly. This is a very time consuming habit especially when there is work to be done.

7.     Do not forget to eat.

Yes, food gives us energy. Energy is needed for revision, quite simply put. But eating healthy foods during exams may be beneficial. Swap the chocolates for some bananas. However, let’s not be too greedy. Sometimes I eat so much during revision I bloated and can no longer eat or revise.

8.     Get enough of sleep

I am a true believer of staying up all night revising. However, that becomes counterproductive when you wake up at and trying to stay awake till the next day. Whatever time you find best revising ensure you get adequate amount of sleep.

9.     Do not isolate yourself

As much as you want to do well, do not isolate yourself to the point where you refuse to speak or interact with other human beings.

10.  Do your best

This is the most important point of them all never compare yourself with someone else.  Work to the best of your ability and be content in the work that you do. Do the best you can do and be the best you can be.


Anthonia Medoye

Third year Pharmacy Student at the University of Central Lancashire

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