Pre-registration training will take up most of my time thus I will get easily absorbed by it and I certainly want to make the most of it, while finding the balance between work, study and leisure. There are many great pieces of advice from colleagues on how I can succeed in my pre-reg and manage my studying however there only a few tips on what I can do outside my placement. Having started my pre-reg only three weeks ago in a new city, I have decided to look for things I can do outside pre-reg in order to meet new people, develop myself and enjoy this year fully. Now I am happy to share them with you.


So….ta-dah,  top 10 things you can do outside your pre-reg:


Reach out to family and friends. Starting a full time job straight after university might be quite draining. Remember that your family and friends are your main support system. They are just one call away.
Learn how to cook or improve your cooking skills. If  you had all sort of excuses during your pharmacy course, then you have no other option now. It is an essential skill that will make your life so much … tastier!
Meet other pre-reg trainees. You are all in the same boat so this is a brilliant opportunity to meet new people, socialize and build durable friendships.
Explore the surroundings and get some vitamin D. Most you have probably moved to a new place just like me so go out and discover the local attractions and amenities.
Stay fit. Sign up for a gym, fitness classes or simply go for a run to relieve any stress or anxiety that has built up and get a that rush of endorphins.
Master a new skill.  Learn a foreign language or improve your broken Spanish. Take driving lessons. Watch guitar tutorials. Developing your personality will bring you plenty of advantages.
Don’t forget about your hobbies and follow your passions.
Expand your professional network. Get out of your comfort zone and establish contacts by attending various pharmacy related events and conferences.
Equilibrium is the key. Setting up time for both study and recreation will make you more organized and feel less worried about deadlines. Plan holidays well ahead - this would be a great way to get that boost of motivation to meet your personal and professional targets.
Finally, stay resilient. Find your own way to bounce back from difficult situations and ethical dilemmas encountered at work or in your personal life. Learn to stay calm and focused when under pressure. Take accountability for your actions, learn from your mistakes and stay positive.

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