The United Kingdon Clinical Pharmacy Association (UKCPA) is a group aimed at pharmacists who want to develop and share clinical expertise and practice. It welcomes pharmacists from all areas of practice and organises conferences, publishes a newsletter and critically, provides a forum for communication for clinical pharmacists all over the country.

As a BPSA Member, you can now gain access to the UKCPA through free electronic membership. This means that you will be able to gain access to the restricted sections of the UKCPA website containing clinical information, UKCPA member prices to educational events and contact with the most experienced pharmacists in the country.

Graeme Hall, Associate Chief Pharmacist for Clinical Services at Leicester University gives an introduction to the UKCPA:

"I have been a member of UKCPA for in excess of 15 years and an officer of the Association for 8 years.

I joined UKCPA to develop my clinical knowledge and skills as a junior hospital pharmacist. I attended a conference and was totally inspired by senior practitioners who were sharing their knowledge and skills in workshops - they weren't snooty or big headed, they were grounded and happy to help. And this has been my experience of the Association members ever since, genuine people trying to do a better job for patients - oh and having a good time as well!

When I became an officer a new dimension of the Association became evident, leadership and political involvement, driving the profession forward clinically; so all you budding politicians - get on board.

I hope you take advantage of this offer and sample for yourself what UKCPA can offer, I am sure you won't be disappointed."

Join the UKCPA

As a pre-registration member of the BPSA you are eligible for FREE electronic membership to UKCPA, (i.e. you will receive no postal mailings from UKCPA and instead must refer to the UKCPA website for notices and announcements). Once you have been registered make sure to sign up to the general discussion forum board to keep up to date with the latest UKCPA news and events.

Included as part of the UKCPA membership is access to the exclusive area of the UKCPA website ( which hosts discussion forums, where you can post questions and queries as well as read discussions posted by others. It is also possible to contact other UKCPA members via the UKCPA website and gain access to their resources, policies, and presentations.

Please note free electronic membership is only available using the application form on the BPSA website (only paid membership options are available when registering for membership using the UKCPA website).

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