Congratulations! You have just been shortlisted for an interview from a pool of thousands of applicants. Here is your chance to lock in your job offer and impress the interviewer (well enough to get hired). Here are five tips on how to ace an interview:

1. Be Open and Authentic

Being open creates room for (a) more spontaneous conversation; smile, and maintain (a) good posture. Make sure your smile is genuine so it doesn’t come across as an inauthentic grin plastered across your face. Be yourself; but, do not over-emphasize your shortcomings. Make sure your first seven seconds with the interviewer are productive. Give a firm handshake and a confident introduction of yourself.

2. Be Attentive and Interesting

Attentiveness is a very high-quality skill to have in an interview. Make sure you pay attention to details of what the interviewer is saying. Even if it is a short conversation before the main interview, ensure that you are actively listening. Research has shown that the more attentive a person is, the faster they are to build rapport with people. Be interesting and ensure that you do not make up stories to get on the good side of the interviewer. Be enthusiastic, and honest. People can sense honesty and honesty is what is interesting.

3. Timing Matters

Punctuality is the soul of business and the etiquette of everything. Do not be late to an interview! Make the effort to take control over your schedule. If you are going to be late due to unforeseen circumstances, call the interviewer or inform the interview venue. According to research, people that show up on time to an interview are more likely to be calm and collected by the time of the interview. This increases their chances of success.

4. Do Your Research! 

You will need to explain what skills and experiences you have that match the role you are being interviewed for. Make sure you are aware of what the company can offer in terms of starting salary and never be the first to say a price. Have a range in mind and be sure to suit up for the salary challenge.

5. Come prepared!

The more prepared you are for an interview, the more confident you will be. Make sure you have done your reading and don’t leave any stones unturned. However, if you are nervous, take deep breaths. This will help to calm you down and keep you alert.


Temitayo Adeyemi


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