Policies are passed at Annual Conference

During the BPSA Annual Conference our members discuss a wide range of issues which they feel strongly about. Initially, a member proposes a motion, this motion is then debated. Based on the arguments put forward and evidence presented, the motion gets voted upon. If the majority are in favour of the motion, and it is passed, it will become one of the official policies of the Association. The Executive work hard to ensure that all of the policies passed are acted upon during their mandate.

Below are examples of policies that the association has successfully worked on in past years –

"This association believes that the BPSA should campaign for student and preregistration membership of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (2010)."

"This association believes that the BPSA should work together with the RPS to lobby the UK Border Agency to provide support to international students regarding VISA provision for future preregistration pharmacists (2012)."

These policy statements allow us to represent the views, opinions, and concerns of pharmacy students and pre-registration trainees to the rest of the pharmacy profession. Once a motion becomes policy, it remains current and is pursued by the Executive for the following three years.



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The BPSA has an Executive of 19 volunteers who manage the functions of the BPSA