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What are area conferences?

Every year the BPSA hold two rounds of area conferences. Each area holds the first in autumn and the second in spring. If you are looking to get more involved with the BPSA, then attending one of these conferences would be a great first step.

What happens during the conference?

Conferences are one day long and usually held on a Saturday. Lectures, workshops, debates, and interactive sessions make these days action packed. The topics usually explore clinical areas that you may not cover in your course and are focussed on applying clinical knowledge to practice.

Do I have to go to an area conference in my area?

You can go to any conference, you don't have to go to the one being held in your area. However, if you do attend your area's conference you are likely to meet other pharmacy students local to you, and one of the most exciting parts of the day is meeting like minded people.

What about lunch?

It's included.. and it's free!

Where can I get a ticket?

Tickets are only available to purchase using PayPal via the BPSA website, scroll down to purchase your tickets!

Northern Area Conference

The Autumn Northern Area conference will look at alcohol and substances of abuse, and how healthcare professionals approach individuals having problems with addiction to minimise harm. The conference will host speakers who treat patients in their recovery from substance abuse problems, as well as policy makers who look to minimise the impact these problems have in the community.

The tickets are £6 which includes lunch. Coming to the conference is a great opportunity to interact with other pharmacy students as well as professionals, and a valuable learning experience.

Topic: Alcohol and Substances of Abuse
Date: Saturday 21st October
Location: Robert Gordon University
Time: 11:00 - 17:00 (Registration from 10:30)

The tickets for this conference are now sold out!

For further information please contact William Moore at and follow the BPSA on Twitter and Facebook!

Pennine Area Conference

Have you ever wondered how Pharmacy could take you around the world? Have you ever thought about the endless opportunities outside the UK? Have you ever wanted to learn more about global health? During your professional career, your degree could potentially take you all over the world, yet these opportunities are not always shown to students so it is important to be aware of them, and to have the skill set ready to use if successful in applying. 

The Autumn Pennine Area Conference will be focusing on Global Pharmacy, and the skills surrounding coping with change. This event will be held at Liverpool John Moores University on Saturday 4th November 2017, offering vast learning and networking opportunities with both fellow undergraduates and professionals.

Topic: Global Pharmacy
Date: Saturday 4th November 2017
Location: Liverpool John Moores University
Time: 10:00 – 16:00 (Registration from 9.30)

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For further information please contact Jessica Watt at and follow the BPSA on Twitter and Facebook!

Western Area Conference

Are you unsure what you want to do after university? Would you like to explore your career options beyond the MPharm degree? The aim of the Western Area Conference is to help you answer these questions and to give you the opportunity to speak to pharmacy professionals and pharmacy students from across the UK.

With speakers from industry, hospital, academia and more you will have the opportunity to learn about a diverse range of careers. As well as learning from speakers, you will have the chance to get involved in workshops aimed at developing your communication and teamwork skills.

Tickets are £6, including lunch, and attendance at the conference is a fantastic way to develop your knowledge, skills and CV!

Topic: What Can I Do With An MPharm Degree?
Date: Saturday 28th October 2017
Location: University of Bath
Time: 10:00 – 16:00 (Registration from 9.30)

Evening Event: 17:00 onwards

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For further information please contact Lucy Bennett at and follow the BPSA on Twitter and Facebook!

Eastern Area Conference

A sixth of the population in England aged 16 to 64 have a mental health problem at any given time. It impacts so many lives but how much do you know about mental health? As a pharmacy student and future pharmacist, how can you help those affected with a mental health condition?

The conference aims to give you an insight into why it is important for the NHS to tackle mental health in the current climate. A talk from a mental health pharmacist will help develop your understanding on commonly prescribed drugs within mental health, with an interactive chance allowing you to apply the knowledge learnt. The impact of different mental health conditions in patients’ lives and how you can help someone in the time of crisis will be explored. 

The conference is a brilliant opportunity for you to talk with fellow pharmacy students and pharmacy professionals and is not to be missed! Tickets are only £6 and includes lunch!

Topic: Mental Health
Date: Saturday 11th November 2017
Location: Coates Road Auditorium, University of Nottingham
Time: 10:00 – 16:15 (Registration from 9.30)

The tickets for this conference are now sold out!

For further information please contact Sukhveer Singh at and follow the BPSA on Twitter and Facebook!

Southern Area Conference

Confused about what you wanted to do after you graduate? Not sure about all of the opportunities available to you? The role of a pharmacist is evolving with more roles and responsibilities being given to pharmacists.

The Autumn Southern Area Conference will explore Careers in Pharmacy and Skill Development. The conference will have a range of speakers from specialised areas of pharmacy who will give talks on their roles and responsibilities within their workplace and the career progression of pharmacists within their respective fields (including salary). There will also be interactive workshops on Leadership, Communication and Teamwork skills, which are crucial to be successful in any career, not just pharmacy!  

There will be pharmacists speaking from:

  • Hospital
  • Industry
  • GP Practice
  • Military

The Autumn Southern Area Conference will be held at Kingston University on Saturday 21st October 2017. The conference offers the opportunity to learn from sessions led by experienced professionals and network with other students.

Topic: Careers in Pharmacy and Skill Development
Date: Saturday 21st October 2017
Location: Kingston University penrhyn road campus
Time: 10:00 – 16:30 (Registration from 9.30)

The tickets for this conference are now sold out!

For further information please contact Dildar Kawani at and follow the BPSA on Twitter and Facebook!


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