The BPSA has an Executive of 19 volunteers, made up of current pharmacy students, pre-registration trainees, and first year qualified Pharmacists. The members of the Executive are elected at the BPSA Annual Conference. In addition to their individual roles, they work together to manage the functions of the BPSA and represent the members of the BPSA.

The Executive exists to listen to and act upon the feedback of our members, it is possible to contact any member of the BPSA Executive using their email address.

President - Regan McCahill

Pre-registration Pharmacist, ex-Newcastle University


The President of the BPSA ensures that the Executive work in a cohesive manner to deliver the services and support its members need. The President works with a number of external organisations to ensure students views are heard and represented in the correct manner. 

I started my BPSA journey as a national representative in 2015, I can honestly say that the Association has changed my life. Not only have I developed the necessary skills and knowledge to now be President, but I have also made many professional contacts and also forged some brilliant friendships. I decided to stand for President in the elections because I truly am passionate about the BPSA, its Executive and its members.  I want every single person involved to have an experience like I did, to grow both personally and professionally and to have a great time whilst doing so. I have an amazing team behind me this year, I hope to lead them well so that they can be at the absolute top of their game. I hope to inspire them to think outside of the box, to push past the norms and to believe that they can achieve whatever they put their minds to. By developing new ways in which we work and putting in place support structures, I hope that the executive will end the year stronger and happier than when they went in so that they can give back to all of our members, for by building strong foundations this year, we can inspire the next generations of executive and members to innovate and grow. I hope that my Executive will be the giants upon whose shoulders we stand.

Vice President - Position Vacant


The Vice President of the BPSA assists the President in achieving the BPSA's overall aims and values by overseeing various tasks undertaken by the Executives. The Vice President is involved in maintaining internal communications within the Executive, and also acts as the main contact point for the BPSA Alumni.

This position is currently vacant, the Executive is working to ensure that the roles assigned to the VP are achieved in the meantime.

Treasurer - Sean Brannen

4th Year, Keele University


The Treasurer is responsible for managing the costs to the Association and ensuring the BPSA offers value to its members.

I was lucky enough to join the BPSA Executive last year as Public Relations Officer and seeing the amazing work that the BPSA do drove me to running for a position again this year. I feel very honoured to sit on the Executive whilst completing my 4th year studies at Keele University. This year, I'm hoping to take the finances of the BPSA forward and ensure that we are utilising our funds in the best interest of our members and the Association. I'm going to be focusing on funding events where we engage with our reps so they can see the inner workings of the BPSA; I'm going to be improving the Travel Fund so that more of our members can access events abroad including IPSF and EPSA events; my third priority is modernising the way we manage expenses and this will include introducing a mileage rate as well as pre-booking travel on behalf of the team. 

Secretary General - Andrew Moy

Pre-registration Pharmacist, ex-Newcastle University


The role of the Secretary General is to ensure minutes of the Executive meetings are recorded and archived. Another major role is to compile and publish the 'Annual Conference booklet' and the 'Annual Reports of the Executive'.

I graduated from Durham University in June 2019, having spent my first two years there, and then two years at Newcastle University following the course relocation in 2017. Currently, I am doing my Pre-registration year at Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, based in the hospital around the corner from where I have lived all my life. I was Northern Area Coordinator for the Association during the last mandate, so hopefully know what I'm doing by now! It's my job to keep the Association ticking over by organising meetings, minuting and being in charge of our correspondences. I also have a role in looking after ambassadors and alumni as well as arranging for the Association to attend each School of Pharmacy. This year we are running a Working Party on the Association's structure and function. Anyone who's interested in being involved, no matter what your experience, please send me an email or visit the Working Parties page and we'll aim to get you involved. This is the perfect chance to make the Association truly beneficial to its members!

Public Relations Officer - Rhys Llewellyn

Industrial Placement Year, GSK, University of Birmingham 3rd year completed


The Public Relations Officer works with a wide range of stakeholders and develops sponsorship opportunities with external organisations. The Public Relations Officer also represents the Association at external events and in the media.

I currently work for GSK as an Industrial Placement Student in the Consumer Healthcare Supply Chain. My previous commitments have been in Interprofessional Education at my university, as a National Representative for the BPSA and also last year served as the Western Area Coordinator. My engagement with international pharmacy groups has taken me to Serbia, Vienna and Brussels, and I recommend these experiences to all of you! I am excited to serve as the PRO and to keep working with our fantastic sponsors and supporters to bring new and exciting opportunities to you, our members.


European Officer - Lauren McGrail

Pre-registration Pharmacist, ex-Keele University


As the BPSA's official contact person to the European Pharmaceutical Students' Association the role of the European Officer is to promote EPSA activities and ensure BPSA is represented on a European level. 

This will be my second mandate on the BPSA Executive, and I’m extremely excited to see what we achieve this year. I recently graduated from Keele University, and I will begin my Pre-registration year at Lincoln County Hospital soon. As European Officer, my goal is to increase international engagement within the BPSA. I want to see more members attending EPSA Congresses, more Twinnet programmes, and more awareness of what international opportunities are available to all UK Pharmacy students and how easily accessible they are. When I’m not working at the hospital, you can probably find me attempting to keep up my amateur volleyball skills at the local club, playing Disney’s Greatest Hits on my old 70s Casio keyboard or wandering around random European cities.

IT Officer - Matthew Michael

Pre-registration Pharmacist, ex-University of Nottingham


The IT Officer manages the main BPSA website. Alongside this they ensure technology is available to the Executive when they need it, such as emails and presentations.

Engaging with the BPSA so late in my student years has made me feel frustrated with myself. The BPSA offers so many opportunities for members and I hope to increase member engagement through the use of IT. My goals for this mandate include a new BPSA app and to implement a Quality Management System to improve the website content, structure and user experience. The intention is to provide continuity and guidance to future IT Officers and to The Association, whilst still leaving room for future IT development.


Student Exchange Officer - Sebastien Bailey

4th Year, Kingston University London


The BPSA Student Exchange Officer also acts as the official Contact Person to the International Pharmaceutical Students' Federation. They also coordinate the Student Exchange Programme within the UK. 

Joining the BPSA in my first year as a BPSA Representative changed my entire Pharmacy degree. I was exposed to so many different paths that I just wouldn't have seen if I stayed quiet and sat at the back of the lecture hall. Now in my fourth year, I have the opportunity to give back to the Association as the Student Exchange Officer and offer students life changing experiences through the Student Exchange Programme. Internationally, I have been fortunate to be able to attend conferences in Japan and Rwanda, something that wouldn't have been possible without the Association.

Graduate Officer - Ramneet Gill


As the dedicated officer for pre-registration trainee pharmacists the Graduate Officer acts as a central contact point for trainees and to organise events for trainees.

I graduated from Durham/Newcastle University in July 2019 and am currently a pre-registration pharmacist at Guy’s & St. Thomas’ Hospital Trust in London. My engagement with the BPSA began in second year of university when I attended the Northern Area BPSA Conferences. I also attended the iconic 75th BPSA Annual Conference in Durham, where I made great friendships with pharmacy students from around Great Britain, networked with some amazing professionals and had a lot of fun! Previously, I completed half my mandate as BPSA Eastern Area Coordinator. However, I have been recently elected as BPSA Graduate Officer for 2019-20. My role is to help support our graduate members once they have completed their degree and entered pre-registration. When I am not busy doing medicine histories on hectic wards, you will find me laughing at memes, reading my way through some big book and catching up on sleep!

Publications Officer - Isobel Lowings

4th Year, University of East Anglia


The Publications Officer produces two key publications for the BPSA. These are the monthly electronic newsletter, 'Get Involved!', and 'Future Pharmacist', alongside a quarterly newsletter.

I got involved with the BPSA completely by accident when I managed to wangle a last minute ticket to the Keele Annual Conference. The whole conference experience made me understand the valuable role the BPSA plays in shaping our future profession, by being our voice, so I signed on to be a rep the following year. I loved my time as a rep, working to promote the BPSA, but wanted to do more, which is how I came to be the Publications Officer! My main aims this year are to do more to celebrate the amazing things that our members are doing to better our profession, and to continue to create engaging, thought provoking and novel content that encourages our members to become the best pharmacists they can be. 

Education Development Officer - Ruth Dioka

Pre-registration Pharmacist, ex-Robert Gordon University


The Education Development Officer manages educational content for members, alongside promoting personal and professional development. 

This is my 2nd term on the Executive, so I am expecting twice the fun this year. Coming back as the Education Development Officer a second time round, I want to make sure that students are able to progress professionally as well as develop skills they may need for their time at university and beyond. This year I will be making sure that this will be achieved in a way that members can benefit from.

The BPSA has created so many opportunities for me, such as to travel (I went to a ball in Vienna) and being able to meet enthusiastic pharmacy students and professionals, and I'm excited to continue this this year. I am currently a Pre-Registration Pharmacist at Davidson's Chemist in Scotland and will be continuing this in NHS Tayside soon.

Northern Area Coordinator - Kelsey Drummond

4th Year, Robert Gordon University


The Northern Area Coordinator is responsible for organising area events and coordinating the BPSA Representatives across the Northern Area.

The BPSA has been an integral part of my pharmacy experience. With a faint idea of what the organisation represented and offered I became a Representative. When I attended my first Annual Conference in Durham, everything fell into place. From becoming a Representative in my first year at University to embarking on my journey as Northern Area Coordinator I am excited for each and every opportunity. The BPSA have given me the unique opportunity to meet amazing friends across the country and pushed me to venture outside my comfort zone! Some of the opportunities I have had the privilege to take part in are: being a student volunteer at FIP in Glasgow and travelling to Bulgaria for EPSA’s Annual Congress. I am eager to see what opportunities and experiences this year will bring and I can’t wait to work with this year’s Executive and Representatives.

Pennine Area Coordinator - Whitney Uwadiae

4th Year, University of Huddersfield


The Pennine Area Coordinator is responsible for organising area events and coordinating the BPSA Representatives across the Pennine Area.

I was a BPSA National Representative for almost two years before joining the executive. When I first became a representative, I was reluctant to get involved but after attending a representative and executive meeting my interest for the BPSA started to grow and my BPSA journey began. Being involved with the BPSA has improved my confidence and pushed me out of my comfort zone more than ever before. It has also enabled me to form connections that I otherwise wouldn’t have. This year I want to encourage a wider range of people to take the countless opportunities that the BPSA has to offer in addition to holding conferences on topics that will aid students’ development as Healthcare Professionals and motivating more students in the Pennine area to attend events.

Southern Area Coordinator - Bethany Goodliffe

2nd Year, Medway School of Pharmacy


The Southern Area Coordinator is responsible for organising area events and coordinating the BPSA Representatives across the Southern Area. 

One of the main things that stood out to me in my first week of University was the presentation I attended given by the previous Southern Area Coordinator, I remember getting home and applying to be a National Representative that day! Over the past year I have had the opportunity to attend a number of events, providing me with the opportunity to network and meet other Pharmacy Students across the country. These opportunities have helped me develop personally and professionally as well as meeting friends for life. I went on to attend the BPSA 77th Annual Conference in Nottingham alone as the only student from my University, which was very nerve-wracking, but by far one of the best decisions I have made. As the Southern Area Coordinator for this mandate, I want to increase the engagement of students in the south so that everyone has the opportunity to benefit the way that I have. 

Western Area Coordinator - Olivia Fisher

3rd Year, Cardiff University


The Western Area Coordinator is responsible for organising area events and coordinating the BPSA Representatives across the Western Area.

I was a BPSA National Representative last year and had so much fun! It really opened my eyes to the amount of opportunities that are out there to enhance your professional development as a pharmacy student. I met some amazing people and it was a great way for me to feel more passionate about my degree and its prospects. Taking on the role of Western Area Coordinator is a great way for me to give back what the BPSA has given me. Taking on a team of National Representatives is going to be a challenge but also a wonderful way to pass on my passion for the BPSA and everything it has to offer. My aim this year is to make sure that all Universities in the Western Area are engaged and getting involved. Starting with a strong, dedicated team of National Representatives will help me to achieve this. I am most excited about hosting two area conferences on topics that I, and the other students in my area are interested in. 

Eastern Area Coordinator - Katy Beeton

2nd Year, University of East Anglia


The Eastern Area Coordinator is responsible for organising area events and coordinating the BPSA Representatives across the Eastern Area.

I am so excited to be the Eastern Area Coordinator for the BPSA this year. I caught the 'BPSA Bug' after attending Annual Conference in Nottingham- a week like no other! I had attended Autumn and Spring Conferences earlier in the year and participated in a competition, so I wanted to be a part of providing the same opportunities for others. Away from Pharmacy, I love to dance, and my favourite way to procrastinate is to clean!


Annual Conference Organisers - Wendy Oforiwaa Dadeboe & Tayo Ayeni

4th Year & 3rd Year, Aston University


The Annual Conference Organisers are responsible for hosting the flagship event of the BPSA - Annual Conference. Their role involves booking venues and accommodation, organising day events and social evenings, and promoting the conference to BPSA members.

Having worked well together as BPSA Representatives in the past year and the both of us realising the vast opportunities and fun BPSA offers, we envision to host an event that would continue to raise awareness among pharmacy students. We hope to host a never to forget, incredible 78th conference for our members. 



Competitions Coordinator - Bella Shah

3rd Year, Cardiff University


The Competitions Coordinator is responsible for managing and promoting the various competitions and awards. They are the main point of contact for external organisations involved with the various competitions.

Having been a BPSA National Representative for two years and attending two Annual Conferences, I felt prepared to move up the BPSA ladder and give something back. I’ve worked with my School of Pharmacy to almost quadruple the number of Cardiff BPSA delegates over the last year. This year I also helped as a Competitions Representative and even entered the Responding to Symptoms Competitions to make it as a finalist. This shaped me well for the role of Competitions Coordinator having seen competitions through the eyes of a competitor and organiser. I hope to see as many people entering as possible, and applying to be in my team of Competitions Representatives. I am also excited to work with the sponsors for another year of successful competitions and worthy winners.


Engagement Officer - Gulsum Meydan

2nd Year ,University of Birmingham


The Engagement Officer is responsible for the Association's Social Media, utilising it as a means to increase engagement.

I decided to apply for the Engagement Officer role after a fun and productive year of being a National Representative last year. The BPSA allowed me to develop my social skills and meet so many like-minded, enthusiastic people. My role is to reach out and involve people interested in pharmacy and promote events through social media. I am very excited for another year filled with many opportunities. Keep updated on what we get up to by following us on all our social platforms and join in on the fun!

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