The BPSA has an Executive of 19 volunteers, made up of current pharmacy students, pre-registration trainees, and first year qualified Pharmacists. The members of the Executive are elected at the BPSA Annual Conference. In addition to their individual roles, they work together to manage the functions of the BPSA and represent the members of the BPSA.

The Executive exists to listen to and act upon the feedback of our members, it is possible to contact any member of the BPSA Executive using their email address.

President - Position Vacant

The President of the BPSA ensures that the Executive work in a cohesive manner to deliver the services and support its members need. The President works with a number of external organisations to ensure students views are heard and represented in the correct manner.

Vice President - Shirley Yip (Acting President)
1st Year Qualified Pharmacist, ex-University of Sunderland 

The Vice President of the BPSA assists the President in achieving the BPSA's overall aims and values by overseeing various tasks undertaken by the Executives. The Vice President is involved in maintaining internal communications within the Executive, and also acts as the main contact point for the BPSA Alumni.

Treasurer - Sukhveer Singh
Pre-registration Pharmacist, ex-University of Nottingham

The Treasurer is responsible for managing the costs to the Association and ensuring the BPSA offers value to its members.

Secretary General - William Moore
4th Year, Newcastle University

The role of the Secretary General is to ensure minutes of the Executive meetings are recorded and archived. Another major role is to compile and publish the Annual Conference booklet and the Annual Reports of the Executive.

Public Relations Officer - Sean Brannen 
3rd Year, Keele University

The Public Relations Officer works with a wide range of stakeholders and develops sponsorship opportunities with external organisations. The Public Relations Officer also represents the Association at external events and in the media.

European Officer - Sally Sosnicka
3rd Year, University of East Anglia

As the BPSA's official contact person to the European Pharmaceutical Students' Association the role of the European Officer is to promote EPSA activities and ensure BPSA is represented on a European level.

IT Officer - Aisha Ahmed
Pre-registration Pharmacist, ex-University of Manchester

The IT Officer manages the main BPSA website and the Annual Conference website. Alongside this they ensure technology is available to the Executive when they need it, such as emails and presentations.

Student Exchange Officer - Steven Cho
4th Year, Keele University

The BPSA Student Exchange Officer also acts as the official contact person to the International Pharmaceutical Students' Federation. They also coordinate the Student Exchange Programme within the UK.

Graduate Officer - Abdallah Alkhalaf
1st Year Qualified Pharmacist, ex-University of East Anglia

As the dedicated officer for preregistration trainee pharmacists the Graduate Officer acts as a central contact point for trainees. Their role is to also organise events for trainees and ensure the publication and distribution of the Graduate Link magazine.

Publications Officer - Kweku Bimpong
4th Year, Newcastle University

The Publications Officer produces two key publications for the BPSA. These are the monthly electronic newsletter, Get Involved!, and the bi-annual printed magazine, Future Pharmacist.

Education Development Officer - Ruth Dioka
4th Year, Robert Gordon University

The Education Development Officer is responsible for managing the Professional Development Scheme and supporting the development of the Pre-Foundation programme. The Pre-Foundation programme is being developed in collaboration with the RPS to complement and align to continuing professional development much in the same way that the Foundation programme runs for post registration pharmacists.

Northern Area Coordinator - Andrew Moy
4th Year, Newcastle University

The Northern Area Coordinator is responsible for organising Area Conferences and coordinating the BPSA Representatives across the Northern Area.

Pennine Area Coordinator - Lauren McGrail
4th Year, Keele University

The Pennine Area Coordinator is responsible for organising Area Conferences and coordinating the BPSA Representatives across the Pennine Area.

Southern Area Coordinator - Raeesah Nazir
3rd Year, Kingston University

The Southern Area Coordinator is responsible for organising Area Conferences and coordinating the BPSA Representatives across the Southern Area. 

Western Area Coordinator - Rhys Llewellyn
3rd Year, University of Birmingham

The Western Area Coordinator is responsible for organising two Area Conferences and coordinating the BPSA Representatives across the Western Area.

Eastern Area Coordinator - Janelle Peralta
2nd Year, University of Nottingham

The Eastern Area Coordinator is responsible for organising Area Conferences and coordinating the BPSA Representatives across the Eastern Area.

Annual Conference Organisers - Hieu Huynh and Chloe Lim Xiu Yu
4th Year, University of Nottingham

The Annual Conference Organisers are responsible for hosting the flagship event of the BPSA - Annual Conference. Their role involves booking venues and accommodation, organising day events and social evenings, and promoting the conference to BPSA members.

Competitions Coordinator - Jessica Watt
Pre-registration Pharmacist, ex-Keele University

The Competitions Coordinator is responsible for managing and promoting the various competitions and awards. They are the main point of contact for external organisations involved with the various competitions.




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